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In Norfolk With Polly Morgan

Meet Polly Morgan, a London-based artist, innovator and mother. Polly stars in our Spring/Summer 2017 campaign styled in the new Nura diamond collection. Discover her jewellery philosophy, her tips for styling diamonds and her life as a working mum.

What's your go to jewellery piece; a necklace, rings or earrings?

I like a pair of simple earrings, not necessarily matching. I wear my hair up a lot and earrings draw attention to the neck in an elegant way. I don't tend to wear much make up so find a little bit of gold in my ears injects just enough glamour into a daytime look.

How do you use jewellery to change an outfit?

I am a minimalist and wear quite a limited palette. I find jewellery the perfect accompaniment to this style of dressing as it provides a blank canvas against a great necklace or bracelet. I like the incongruity of a big chunky necklace or something bling with very plain clothes.

What's your jewellery philosophy?

Use it to reflect your mood that day. I sometimes want to go unnoticed and wear nothing. Other days I pile it all on and look like a rapper.

We imagine your studio wardrobe to be things you can get dirty, given your process to create your artwork. Do you wear jewellery while you work? If so, how? If not, where do you keep it?

I have always had problems tailoring my outfit to the occasion. As a child I would want to wear my new clothes to bed and have always worn favourite items on repeat until they fall apart. I tend to put a pair of overalls over whatever I'm wearing as I have ruined too many cashmere jumpers in the studio by splashing them with chemicals. I never remove my earrings, rings or bracelets if I'm working, but I do often find myself using a pin to pick off Jesmonite from between stones in a ring at the end of the day.

Captured for the Monica Vinader SS17 campaign, artist Polly Morgan.

Polly Morgan styles a stack of Signature bangles in plain and diamond finishes.

We had you wearing diamond pieces but styled in a very every day kind of way - how would you normally wear your diamonds?

When I wear diamonds, I prefer them to be small and discreet. Just as the suggestion of flesh is far more erotic than full nudity, I find a little glint and sparkle more attractive than a big flashy rock.

Being an artist can be a very solitary profession yet we got you to be with several other women in this campaign for a day shoot - what your experience in Norfolk like working on the campaign?

I loved it. My instinct is so often to turn things that don't relate directly to my work down but, having recently had a baby, I was very keen for some adult company and a change of scenery so I happily accepted. The other women chosen for the campaign were intelligent and amusing and meeting Monica was inspiring as I learned she established her business just after having her first child. It was a timely illustration of quite what can be achieved as a new mother.

What would you engraved on your next MV piece?

Hopefully the initials of my next child.

What can transform a day for you, from one fraught with work/life dramas into a special moment?

It is a cliché but when my son smiles at me, which he does at the most unexpected moments, it is utterly disarming and puts everything into perspective. It is very helpful and humbling to get the chance to see the world through the eyes of someone who is still awed and amused by it all, I feel less jaded as a result.

Polly Morgan styled in the new Nura collection, launching March 2017.

The new Nura pendant as worn by Polly in the SS17 campaign.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given about your career?

Just make the work. There's no use talking about what you want to do; unless you have something to show for yourself, why would anyone be interested?

Other than jewellery (of course) what do you collect?

As little as possible. I have too many things and am always trying to declutter. I have a rule that - artwork aside - if it doesn't have a function, I don't need it. So, no ornaments. I am particularly fond of beautiful glassware though and have a small collection of coloured hand blown glasses. They technically perform a function but I am loathe to let anyone drink from them as they are so delicate!

As a new mum, have you had to change the way you work at all?

Not as much as I had expected. I have a studio from home at the moment so I can rush downstairs to work when he sleeps. I have just found that I am very efficient with the time I get to work, which has been a very positive outcome. I am only now realising how much time I wasted pre-Clifford!


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