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A Guide to Helix Piercings

Helix piercings are a popular choice for those wanting to curate an enviable ear stack. The contemporary positioning of the helix allows for a stunning variety of earrings. Monica Vinader's guide to this piercing tells you everything you need to know before booking your appointment.

Table of Contents:

  • Where is a Helix Piercing Located?
  • 4 Types of Helix Piercing
  • Piercings with Monica Vinader
  • Is a Helix a Good First Piercing?
  • 7 On-Trend Helix Earrings
  • How Painful is a Helix Piercing?
  • Piercing Healing Times
  • Aftercare & Cleaning Piercings
  • Inspiration for Your Next Appointment

Where is a Helix Piercing Located?

A helix piercing is the name given to any piercing located in the upper cartilage area of the ear. For this reason they are referred to as cartilage piercings. This type of piercing is very popular for when people are looking to curate an ear stack that migrates from the lobe around the full edge of the ear.

5 Different Types of Helix Piercing

The helix piercing comes in 5 different types, all slightly different in appearance. Each version is suited to different earrings.

  • Classic helix - the classic helix piercing sits on the upper part of the cartilage in the outer ear. This location is excellent for huggie earrings as they can cup the outer edge of the ear.
  • Double helix - A double helix piercing is as the name suggests, when you have two piercings located in the helix position. For those that adore stacking earrings, this is a must have!
  • Triple helix - Following on from double, a triple helix piercing is when a line of three is formed in the cartilage.
  • Forward helix - A forward helix piercing site on the opposite side to the classic version. This piercing will sit on the area of cartilage just before your ear meets the side of your face.
  • Anti-helix - The anti-helix piercing, also known as the snug, sits on the rim of cartilage just inside the ear (so not the outer edge as traditional helixes sit).

Book a Helix Piercing with Monica Vinader

Our boutiques offer ear piercing appointments where you can have up to 3 piercings in your 20 minute experience. You can book your helix piercing online, choosing the location that's best for you. You'll be able to pick gold or silver stacking earrings for your new piercing with the help of our expert piercers and knowledgeable sales associates.

7 On-Trend Helix Earrings

Helix piercings are designed to show off beautiful modern designs. The location on the ear of a helix lends itself for a variety of different types of earrings. Our favourites for adorning helix piercings are:

  • Helix Earrings - Helix earrings are those that are styled perfectly to suit the location on the ear flawlessly.
  • Studs - Stud earrings are a classic choice, the minimalist design makes them ideal for achieving subtle style with your helix piercing.
  • Huggies - Huggie earrings are small hoops, often bejewelled with sparkling diamonds for added glamour. The tiny circles will hug the outer edge of the ear.
  • Hoops - For those who adore hoop earrings, we suggest styling your ear with smaller sizes to suit your new helix piercing. You can make these your own by attaching sentimental earring charms.
  • Labrets - Labret earrings are studs with a flat back and are very popular. Our labrets are crafted from 14kt solid gold and 14kt solid white gold, boasting dainty design.
  • Ear Cuffs - Not sure if you're ready to commit to a new piercing? Don't worry - you can fake your helix piercing with beautiful ear cuffs. These earrings hug the outer edge of the ear, with no need for a piercing.

Is a Helix a Good First Piercing?

A helix piercing is rarely done as a first piercing. Due to helixes being located in the cartilage they can hurt more than lobe piercings and take a longer time to heal. The first location most people opt for is a lower lobe piercing due to quicker healing times and its classic location. However, there is nothing stopping you if this is the first one you've got your eye on.

How Painful is a Helix Piercing?

When it comes to cartilage piercings, the helix is considered the least painful as the cartilage is thinner in this area. However, it is more painful than the usual pinch felt in lobe piercings. On average helix piercings are around 4/10 on the pain scale, but this should be swift. Everyone's pain tolerance is different so you may experience less or more pain than friends who have also had earrings in this area.

Piercing Healing Times

Cartilage heals differently to soft tissue and so helix piercings can take anywhere from 6 - 12 months to heal. During this time you should try not to move your jewellery around too much as this may cause cartilage bumps. Properly caring for your new piercing during this time is essential for healthy healing.

Aftercare & Cleaning Piercings

The aftercare of a helix piercing is vital for healing and avoiding infection. You should only use an antibacterial cleansing saline solution on your ear. Use this twice a day at morning and night, every day until your helix has healed. You should avoid using any beauty products or soap near the piercing as it can slow down the healing process by being abrasive on the ear.

You may experience some secreting of fluid, but don't worry - this is perfectly normal. Simply use your saline solution and a cotton bud to clean it up.

Inspiration for Your Next Appointment

Once your helix piercing has healed you may wish to get more - and with so much beautiful jewellery to adorn your ears with we don't blame you! Our top choices for trendy earring locations are:

  • Lower Lobe Piercings - Also known as a standard piercing, lower lobe earrings are situated on the lobe which is the fleshy part at the bottom of your ear.
  • Higher Lobe Piercings - Higher lobe piercings are positioned slightly further up the ear lobe, just before where it turns to cartilage.
  • Upper Lobe Piercings - Upper lobe piercings are again situated higher up the ear lobe, but this time towards where your ear joins your face.
  • Tragus Piercings - Tragus piercings sit on the piece of cartilage that covers the opening of the ear canal and can make a contemporary addition to your stack.

Monica Vinader's Sustainable Jewellery

We craft modern jewellery from sustainable recycled silver and gold vermeil. Our collection of stacking rings, pearl jewellery, and engraved gifts lets you treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful piece.

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