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14 Contemporary Types of Earrings

With a type of earring to suit all occasions, you'll never run out of style inspiration. Each pair brings its own characteristics and beauty that can transform your look and instil confidence. Discover the different types of earrings for men and women, that can accent your next look to make you feel stylish at every moment.

How Many Types of Earrings Are There?

Earrings have been a popular piece of jewellery from both women and men alike for centuries all over the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have so many types of earrings to choose from. Gold earrings often fall under one umbrella term but when we delve deeper, we uncover the array of styles to adore.

With the vast number of sizes, shapes, and designs, it can seem overwhelming at first to decide which types of earrings will suit you best. These pieces can be elegant and unique, complementing your outfit like a dream, so finding the right pair is vital. Whether you choose a dainty stud or an extravagant hoop, understanding the different collections could ensure your next type of earring brings glamour to your everyday look.

Minimalist Studs

An essential starter type of earring are elegant studs - often favoured for everyday wear. This type of earring is one that so many enjoy for its simplicity, as it can be called upon for any occasion. The beauty of studs is that they partner perfectly with other earring types to create a stunning layered look on the ear.

Trendy Helix Earrings

Helix earrings are an on-trend choice for those wanting to keep up with the latest fashions. Adorning your helix piercing, these silver earrings comes in many styles, from simple labrets to gem encrusted hoops. With this trendy earring on, you'll be the fashion icon among your friends.

Glamorous Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a must-have type of earring for any jewellery box. This is because the various sizes and styles of these earrings can transform a look effortlessly. Whether you're a fan of dainty small hoops, for an easy everyday earring look, or extravagant statement pieces, there is sure to be a hoop you'll adore. For a modern look, you can stack this earring type for a bold ensemble. You can take this style one step further by mixing metals to create a hoop stack.

stud earrings are elegant for everyday
add large hoop earrings to accent your look

Delicate Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are tiny hoops that hug the lobe. Sophisticated and elegant, these types of earrings are easy to wear both on their own, and to add a little bit of intrigue to a layered ear look. Being a petite version of a traditional hoop, these types of earrings can often be understated. At Monica Vinader this isn't the case. We embrace uniqueness and offer gorgeous gemstone charms to accompany your huggies. If you wish to add some personality to your huggies, add a vibrant earring charm. Choosing your own charm allows you to create a type of earrings unique to you.

Contemporary Ear Cuffs

Not requiring a piercing, this modern type of earring can be easily worn by many. The ear cuff is often a small earring which can be slipped onto the ear with ease. They don't move out of place once fixed, as they hug close to the ear. The versatility of this trendy earring style means you can choose where to place it on your stack. This is one of the many advantages to this type of earring, as the wearer can mix up their style daily and place the cuff in various positions along the ear.

huggies are earrings that hug close to the ear
style your ear with beautiful cuff earrings

Stylish Stackable Earrings

Stacking earrings come in an array of styles and sizes, which allow the wearer to embrace their creativity and experiment to find their unique aesthetic. You could have a statement earring paired with a small, fine type design, or wear all bold designs. Either way you can make a look that's all your own.

Graceful Drop Earrings

Drop earrings, gain their name because of the way they hang from the ear lobe. Usually more than a 1cm in length, drops can be in many styles. From links to a beautiful straight line flow of metal with a statement gem on the end. These types of earrings are often favoured as a finishing piece to an evening outfit, but there is no reason to limit their potential, as they can also be a glamorous office accessory.

stackable earrings create a unique ear look
transform your look with a statement drop earring

Divine Climber Earrings

Climber earrings are a design that cascades its way up the ear. These types of earrings are a modern and chic accent to any outfit. They can often be seen housing vibrant gemstones and diamonds, which can add a beautiful sparkle to your ear and complement your style perfectly.

Classy Cocktail Earrings

For those on the hunt for a type of earring to wear to a glitzy evening event, or a night on the town, cocktail earrings are the ideal choice. Designed to be striking, these large silhouettes will catch the attention of all around. The variety in this earring type is vast, from glamorous charm earrings, to lustrous pearl designs.

Modern Chain Earrings

Chain Earrings are another way to make a statement. Their beautiful formation hangs effortlessly from the lobe. Typically they are a long, straight string of metal that echoes chains. Crafted into gold jewellery, rose gold, and sterling silver jewellery. If you want to add some personality to your chain earrings, add a pendant or gem to the end. This way you can have a truly unique type of earring.

elegant chain earrings for any occasion
climbers are types of earrings that travel up your ear

Dramatic Pendant Earrings

Pendant earrings are another type of drop design but with the addition of a gorgeous charm hanging from the bottom. These earring types can be one of a kind and elegant when you add the pendant yourself. Adorn with a choice of coin charms, initial charms, or colourful gems like aquamarine.

Wonderful Kite Earrings

Kite earrings formation makes the visual of the whole design a kite shape. This type of earring can be formed with ethical diamonds and gems that add a touch of elegant sparkle to any outfit, day or night.

add pendants to your earrings for a unique look
add sparkle to your outfit with diamond kite earrings

Sentimental Wedding Earrings

On your big day you want to find a type of earring to cherish for a lifetime. Wedding earrings tend to be more subtle in design but hold vast meaning for the bride or groom. We recommend choosing a pair that hold your partner's birthstone for a thoughtful touch on the day.

Types of Earrings for Men

There is no rule book on which types of earrings men can wear. When it comes to men's jewellery, popular choices include studs and diamond earrings. These designs are easy to style as lower lobe earrings, which is a popular ear piercing among men. If you have a helix piercing, an earring type suited to men's style is labrets. With a flat back and minimalist design, these look slick in both sterling silver and in 14ct solid gold.

Where to Style Different Types of Earrings

Choosing your favourite type of earring is just one step in achieving your dream stacked ear look. Another key aspect is where to adorn your new pieces. There are many piercing locations to bejewel yourself.

  • Lower lobe - Lower lobe piercings are the traditional kind and often people's first experience in the world of piercings. With a gorgeous selection of lower lobe earrings, you'll find the ideal set to wear on a daily basis.
  • Higher lobe - Placed further towards your cartilage, higher lobe piercings will help you create an enviable stack. Our higher lobe earrings feature studs and huggies that you'll lust after.
  • Upper lobe - The upper lobe piercing sits above the lower lobe. Much like the rest of the lobe, upper lobe earrings can be anything from drops to hoops.
  • Cartilage - Another way to describe the helix, cartilage piercings sit in the more firm part of your ear.
  • Multiple piercings - For those who adore wearing lots of types of earrings at once, then multiple piercings are for you. With a plethora of piercings you'll be able to wear all your favourite designs at once!

Book Your Next Piercing with Monica Vinader

If you've been inspired by the abundance of earring types, you can book your next ear piercing appointment with us. At your appointment you'll be able to have up to three piercings on your lobe or cartilage. Our expert piercers and store assistants can help you find the perfect types of earring to suit your new piercing too.

Sustainable Jewellery from Monica Vinader

We combine recycled silver and gold with ethical gemstones into gorgeous modern jewellery. Adorn yourself in anklets, lockets, and stacking rings to achieve your style goals.

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