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Sustainable Rings for an Ethical Style

Sustainable rings fall under the category of sustainable and ethical jewellery. Much like sustainable fashion, the desire to buy ethically sourced products, such as sustainable rings, has increased in recent years. Seeing more than half of UK jewellery buyers taking ethics into consideration before purchasing. The rise could be seen as more companies are taking responsibility for their corporate actions. The one element which differs between sustainable fashion and jewellery is the process of mining. Mining is what leaves a question mark on most people's lips when discussing jewellery. Concerns are raised as to whether this process can actually be ethical and environmentally friendly. Discover how Monica Vinader is tackling this issue to create beautiful sustainable rings that you need in your jewellery box.

What is Sustainable Jewellery?

Sustainable jewellery is pieces which have no negative impact on the environment they are produced in. They also do not have a negative impact on the people who make the jewellery. Often, companies display a transparent supply chain as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR). Having a transparent supply chain ensures customers can see with their own eyes how their product was produced and where it was sourced from. Features of sustainable jewellery practice include:

  • No child labour.
  • Using recycled materials such as gemstones or metals.
  • Ensuring pollution is not formed or any negative impact on the environment.
  • Making sure people are paid a fair wage.
  • Using materials which can be traced back to its original source eg. conflict-free diamonds.

It is always important to consider the impact of where your sustainable rings and jewellery are coming from as a consumer. Having this knowledge allows you to make wiser ethical choices. It also means you can avoid pieces which may feature elements such as conflict diamonds.

Sourcing Our Recycled Material

We have always worked towards high sustainability standards, which leave a positive impact on the world. This has been recognised and we have been Positive Luxury Certified, which means we have earned the Butterfly Mark accreditation. Less than 150 luxury companies currently hold this certification. This shows a real testament to the hard work we have implemented throughout the company to ensure our relationship with our suppliers and customers is kept aligned.

we follow a process to ensure our sustainable rings are made ethically
some of our sustainable rings feature ethical gemstones

Quality Materials

For all of our gorgeous sustainable rings and wider jewellery we only use recycled gold vermeil and recycled sterling silver. By using recycled silver, we are cutting our CO2 emissions by ⅔ in comparison to traditionally mined silver. Having this huge reduction in emissions is just one of the ways we are trying to work towards our goal of zero emissions.

Ethical Gemstones

As with all of our quality materials, we source our hand-cut gemstones ethically for our pieces, such as our sustainable rings. They go through the same process as our metals. An extra step we take when sourcing our precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones is checking to see our suppliers are also committed to the Kimberley Process. The process is a certification which aims to to follow precious gemstones, such as diamonds, from mine to market. Having this certification ensures your diamond is conflict free and has been properly certified.

5 Sustainable Rings for the Fashion Conscious

Sustainable rings are the perfect addition to any outfit day or night. With contemporary designs to accent dresses, trousers or skirts, you can find a piece to suit your unique look.

Effortless Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are a great way to display all of your favourite sustainable rings at once. If you are someone who loves to layer your look, stacking rings make it effortless. From thick gold bands to skinny rose gold sustainable rings, there are endless opportunities to secure a unique look to you.

Perfect Promise Rings

Promise rings are often one of the first rings gifted in a relationship. Similar to an infinity ring, the meaning behind promise rings are to display a commitment between two people. Whether that be a devotion to a future romantic engagement or simply a loyalty bond between friends. The message of love still shines through, whichever way you decide to gift a promise ring.

Sentimental Eternity Rings

Display your love to your significant other with the help of sustainable rings. Eternity rings are known for their meaning of love and prosperity. Traditionally, eternity rings are given to mark a 10th wedding anniversary or to celebrate the birth of a first born child. Sustainable rings can help to celebrate all milestones, but gifting an eternity ring will always be special and meaningful.

our sustainable rings are made using recycled silver and gold
ethical diamonds are used in a selection of our sustainable rings

Glamorous Cocktail Rings

Designed specifically to dazzle at evening events, cocktail rings can be gorgeous sustainable rings to add to your collection. Often featuring semi-precious gemstones, you can shine bright with the addition of aquamarine in a number of our pieces. As a statement piece of jewellery, accent your look further with the addition of beautiful bracelets or earrings. You can never have too much sustainable jewellery.

Family Signet Rings

Signet rings have a long and rich history which was once used to sign and seal official documents. Now, they can be sustainable rings which are passed down from generation to generation within the family. These types of rings are often seen to be engraved jewellery, which feature a family crest or the individual's initials. Engravings on sustainable rings can add a personalised touch, which makes them unique to the wearer. Often, unique jewellery can hold more sentimental value than other pieces because it represents the wearer in a meaningful way.

About Monica Vinader

Founded in 2008, Monica Vinader is a contemporary jewellery brand which combines luxury designs and affordable pieces together. From our meaningful friendship bracelets, to our delicate huggie earrings, we are sure to have a piece you'll fall in love with.

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