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The Sentimental Meanings Behind Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are the perfect way to celebrate your month of birth. With each gemstone being unique, your individual stone can help to express yourself through beautiful jewellery everyday. Each stone holds its own meaning, with some myths describing your birthstone ring as bringing you luck and joy. Fall in love and discover your own birthstone rings with our guide.

The Meaning of Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are gorgeous pieces which hold precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones. What differs them from traditional jewellery is the meaning behind them.

Centuries ago, each month within the Gregorian calendar was assigned a different gemstone. Each gem was said to hold its own characteristics, and it is these characteristics that reflect the wearer's personality so well. It can be seen that a few months within the year have more than one stone associated with it, but this leaves the wearer to decide on their favourite. Decide on your stone of choice or mix and match with a selection of stacking rings, the possibilities are endless.

Birthstone Rings by Month

Discovering your birthstone can be exciting to see and learn all about its history, especially when it's set in a beautiful ring. Birthstone rings are both elegant and unique, which is why they are favoured as the perfect gift for special occasions. As well as the meanings behind these gems, it is often the vibrant colours that people are drawn to and admire.

January Birthstone

For January birthstone rings you would commonly find the gemstone garnet. Its fiery red tones are what typically captivate an audience, but it can be found in a range of other colours including orange, pink and deep green. Dating back to ancient Egypt, these birthstones were also worn on necklaces and adored by the pharaohs.

February Birthstone

The month of love sees its birthstone rings adorned with amethyst. What once was classed as a precious gemstone, now resides as a semi-precious stone, due to an increase of accessibility. The beauty these birthstone rings hold come from the quartz gemstone family and grace the wearers hand in a deep purple shade.

amethyst is a purple birthstone found in many pieces of jewellery
aquamarine is a beautiful blue shade in birthstone rings

March Birthstone

March is the first of six months with more than one birthstone associated with it. Aquamarine is the more common stone of the two to feature in birthstone rings due to its overall popularity. The calming blue tone of the gem represents the open water and is known to bring peace and tranquility to its wearer.

April Birthstone

Those lucky enough to be born in April can enjoy the dazzling sparkle of diamonds in their birthstone rings. This precious gemstone has a rich history and is one of the toughest materials on earth. At Monica Vinader we only use ethical diamonds in our wearable, everyday designs.

May Birthstone

The month of May also has a precious gemstone. The deep greens of emerald can be seen to shine brightly in May's birthstone rings. Set in beautiful pieces, the enchanting green tones are a perfect match to gold jewellery. Widespread links also associate emeralds as being one of Cleopatra's favourites.

diamonds can be found in april's birthstone rings
june has three birthstones including pearls and moonstone

June Birthstone

People who celebrate their birthdays in June have a choice of three stones in their birthstone rings: pearls, alexandrite, and moonstone. Traditionally, you may find pearls to be the overall favourite in June, due to their purity and natural beauty. There are many types of pearls that make our favourite pieces glamorous and at Monica Vinader we only use ones that are sustainably farmed.

July Birthstone

July birthstone rings will hold the deep red of a ruby. Its captivating colour often symbolises love, passion and success. Partner this vibrant gemstone with the warming metal tones of rose gold jewellery. They are the perfect match to provide special birthstone rings that symbolise your love.

August Birthstone

The sunshine month of August can find peridot, spinel and sardonyx gemstones in its birthstone rings. The gem itself is formed under extreme conditions and was originally found in the red sea on a volcanic island. The most common you would expect to find in birthstone rings is the peridot gem. Its colour ranges from yellow to green, which is what makes this stone unique. Pair this birthstone with sterling silver jewellery to really see it shine.

September Birthstone

Exotic sapphire gems can be found in September's birthstone rings. They can be sourced in numerous colours, but the deep blue tones are what are most recognisable about this gemstone. Being one of the four precious gemstones, the beauty, value and elegance this stone holds is effortless. Grace your hands in beautiful sapphires with our selection of promise rings.

October Birthstone

October brings with it the stunning gemstone opal. Known for its extensive colour range, pink opal is what can traditionally be seen in this month's birthstone rings. Elegant and pure, the name opal refers to 'see a change in colour' in Greek. This is found as when you spin an opal gem, you may see a variety of colours within. The beauty of this gem is not just for birthstone rings, why not accent your ear in our selection of birthstone earrings too!

sapphires have a variety of colours in birthstone rings
december has turquoise as one of its gems in birthstone rings

November Birthstone

The calming energy of a topaz gem is what features in November's birthstone rings. Like many other stones, topaz can be found in an array of colours, our favourite being white topaz. A white topaz's elegant glow can often be mistaken for a diamond, and we feature it in a selection of our jewellery. Our huggies display the beauty of this gemstone perfectly, and can make a stunning match to your birthstone rings.

December Birthstone

To round off the year, December is another month with a great selection of gems. From turquoise, tanzanite and zircon, December's birthstone rings all take on their own unique blue shade. Having the different birthstones to choose from means you can express your style with the one that resonates with you the most.

Gifting a Birthstone Ring

Personalised gifts can be the perfect way to declare your undying love to your significant other. If you want to add an extra sentimental touch when sharing a birthstone ring, treat them to an engraved gift. Whether you want to remember a special date or message, our selection of personalised pendants can be cherished forever. You can also partner your rings and pendants with our engraved bracelets and engraved necklaces, then keep them safe in our jewellery boxes. With numerous options to treat the one you love, it has never been easier than with Monica Vinader.

About Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is a contemporary jewellery brand which was founded in 2008. Our aim is to create beautiful pieces which combine demi-fine jewellery and fashion together to produce designs which can last a lifetime. From gorgeous layered necklaces to meaningful friendship bracelets, we are sure to have a piece you'll fall in love with.

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