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Ethical Diamonds: For Conscientious Consumers

Ethical diamonds are mined in safe working conditions for miners, where they are also paid a fair wage. With the welfare of the workers at the heart of ethical diamonds, they're an important stone for both jewelry and jewelry lovers alike. We only use ethical diamonds in our jewelry, our guide dives into exactly what these gems are, why we use them, and how we safely source them.

What are Ethical Diamonds?

Ethical diamonds are gems that are extracted in humane mining practices. To maintain the status of ethical diamonds, it also means that no miners are harmed during the sourcing of these gems. The workers involved are also paid a fair wage, have safe working conditions, and none of their human rights are compromised.

At Monica Vinader, our diamond jewelry uses only ethical diamonds. It is important for us to ensure we uphold our values regarding sustainable jewelry and ethics in all of our products. This way you know that every piece of precious gemstone jewelry from Monica Vinader only uses ethically sourced diamonds.

Shopper demand greater transparency about where their ethical diamonds are sourced. Purchasing ethical diamonds leaves you with a beautiful, quality piece. It also ensures everyone involved in the journey of the diamond is treated well. For example, it can help ensure another's life is not harmed in the process of extraction.

Conflict Free Diamonds vs Ethical Diamonds

Conflict-free diamonds and ethical diamonds go hand in hand. But what's the difference between the two?

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Conflict-free diamonds are instead mined in areas that are controlled by recognised governments and are not used to fund wars. Procedures such as the Kimberly Process make it more difficult to sell and circulate conflict diamonds. Ethical diamonds go one step further by ensuring fair pay and safe working conditions.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

Conflict diamonds are those that are mined in war zones. They are then sold to finance the war. Conflict diamonds often have the stigma of poor working conditions and may even use child labour.

How We Source Monica Vinader's Ethical Diamonds

For all of our ethical jewelry, we only use conflict-free, ethical diamonds and sustainable materials. When producing our diamond rings, diamond necklaces, and other designs we take into account lots of factors to ensure we are being as ethical as we can possibly be.

  1. We check that all of our suppliers are committed to the Kimberley Process. This procedure is a certification that follows ethical diamonds from mine to market. Until they go on to become diamond bracelets and more sparkling pieces. It is a way to help reduce the number of conflict diamonds that are in circulation. Diamond trading can already be very complex. But with the help of the Kimberley Process, you know your ethical diamond has been certified and conflict-free.
  2. After ensuring our suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process, we also check to see that they follow The World Diamond Council's System of Warranties (TWDCSOW). This is another guarantee that each precious gem sold follows the minimum requirement set out in the process for ethical diamonds. Our h colored diamonds follow this process.
  3. Finally, following these checks means our suppliers comply with the United Nations' Resolutions.

Having these steps in place means we are taking reasonable measures to reduce the sales of conflict diamonds across the globe. It also enables our customers to receive ethical diamonds within their favorite pieces. We also ensure our hand cut precious gemstones meet the same qualities, in terms of social, ethical, and environmental standards. That way, the principle of ethical diamonds spans across our whole range.

Mined Diamonds vs Recycled Diamonds vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Like many other materials, there are various types of diamonds. The question is, are all of them ethical diamonds? In our diamond gifts, we use ethical diamonds that are conflict-free. We know this, as all our suppliers comply with government regulations, such as the TWDCSOW. Our quality promise is to ensure all our materials, such as recycled silver and gold vermeil, and stones are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Mined Diamonds

Mined diamonds are often classed as 'natural diamonds'. This is due to being created organically within the Earth. In the Earth's crust, carbons are put under extreme heat and pressure to form diamonds.

Once mined, these precious gems are graded using the 4C's of diamonds:

Ethical diamonds are mined under good working conditions, but this isn't always the case for this gem. Making sure you buy from reputable sources, is the best way to ensure you have ethical diamonds.

Recycled Diamonds

Recycled diamonds are as the name suggests. They are diamonds which were previously purchased and have been put on the market again. As they require no new mining, these diamonds are classed as ethical. This method of sourcing could reduce the risk of unethical labor within mines.

At Monica Vinader we have our own jewelry recycling program as part of our sustainability promise. The program encourages our customers to recycle their gold and silver jewelry. We do this in a bid to become a circular economy that's better for both the planet and people.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are made in a controlled lab environment. Advanced technology is used to replicate the conditions which natural diamonds are formed in. They display the same characteristics as traditional diamonds. As well as this they are a responsible choice as they do not require mining and can be easily tracked from making to product. For this reason they can also be classed as ethical diamonds.

Monica Vinader's Ethical Diamond Jewelry

Our diamond jewelry only uses ethical stones. Our stunning collection contains modern diamond earrings, bangles, and birthstone rings in a wide variety of graceful styles. Discover charm bracelets and cocktail earrings which showcase an alluring sparkle thanks to their ethical diamonds. No matter the occasion, there is an ethical diamond sure to dazzle those around you.

Find the perfect pair of everyday studs housing a single ethical diamond. Or discover a gemstone eternity ring for the one you love. We have ethical diamond jewelry that you and your loved ones will adore!

Sustainable Jewelry at Monica Vinader

We are a modern jewelry brand crafting beautiful designs made from sustainable materials. Our collection of pendant necklaces, labret earrings, and personalized bracelets are the ideal way to show off your ethical diamonds.

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