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What to Get Engraved on Jewellery Ideas

Ideas for engraving jewellery may not come to us as easy as it might seem. Designing a tailored piece for yourself or a loved one is a fabulous idea for creating a sentimental gift. Deciding what to get engraved on jewellery is the key to ensuring your gift makes the impact it deserves. Our guide provides inspiration for engraving jewellery to help your gift be as magical as possible.

7 Ideas for Engraving Jewellery Inspiration

Engraved jewellery adds a sentimental statement, no matter when you wear it. You'll be reminded of a person, time, or shared memory every time you catch a glimpse of your piece. Personalised jewellery makes for a great gift - it's personal, significant, and unique. With the ability to customise your favourite piece of jewellery with any message, design or motif, you have the creative freedom to do whatever you like!

With such a wealth of engraving ideas, it can be difficult to know where to start. Finding engraving inspiration from quotes and meaningful messages, to simple symbols and motifs, means the options are limitless. These ideas for engraving jewellery will help you pick out a perfect piece for yourself, or a loved one.

Loved Ones' Names

Create a tender moment with an engraved necklace boasting a loved one's name. This idea for engraving jewellery can help you remember those no longer with you, or those closest to you. With a gold or silver pendant around your neck, you'll hold your loved one's name beside your heart. For a gift for another, etch your own name to remind them of your special bond. Engraved names look stunning etched to gold jewellery. The sunny hues of the metal highlight the warmth of your special note. They'll be sure to think of you every time they adorn this sweet present, touched by your engraving inspiration.

Initials of Your Beloved

Another idea for engraving jewellery is to have initials etched on to jewellery. Opt for one special letter, or full initials. Either way, you'll remember a meaningful connection with these simple denotations. Gifting an engraved bracelet etched with your initials will bring you closer together. Whilst showcasing another's initials on your own wrist will bring you joy each time you glance at your hand. When looking for what to engrave on friendship jewellery, each others' initials make for a stunning engraving idea.

Alphabet jewellery is an on-trend and lovely way to personalise a gift for a friend or loved one. Initial necklaces, when partnered with your engraved piece, can uplift a beautiful sentiment. They make for a passionate and contemporary yet timeless addition to your outfit. You could even include the initials of you and your partner as a meaningful present for Valentine's Day or for an anniversary. For a stunning idea for engraving jewellery, etch the design on sterling silver jewellery to showcase the initials on the shimmering, cool toned base metal.

Affectionate Messages

Etching messages are a great idea for engraving jewellery. They tend to have the most meaning behind them, adding further significance to the jewellery piece. Whether it's a simple 'I love you' or 'friends forever', you're sure to create an affectionate addition to a personalised necklace.

Engraved pieces with a sentimental message are a wonderful gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. These precious items can be passed onto future generations. You could even create two pieces to represent an unbreakable bond. Perhaps one piece says 'I love you', and the other, 'I love you too'. Or 'Best friends' and the other, 'Forever'. Once the jewellery is in line, the message will be complete. For a truly romantic engraved jewellery idea, rose gold jewellery has pink hues to make anyone feel touched and rosy-cheeked when they open their special gift.

Sentimental Quotes

When you're thinking of what to get engraved on jewellery, think of a shared memory tied with a favourite movie, book, poem, or song. Quotes make for a brilliant engraving jewellery idea. For a birthday gift, take inspiration from your sweetheart or best bud's most treasured song or book. That way, they'll have a sweet accessory to complement their personality. To step this up a notch, you could get two personalised bracelets etched with different parts of a quote. That way, the quote is concluded whenever you reunite. No matter what quote you choose to get engraved on jewellery, they're sure to hold it dear to them.

Significant Numbers

Numbers may not come to mind when thinking of engraved jewellery ideas. However, a magical bond can be celebrated with a date or number. For an anniversary gift, whether friendship or romantic, etch the date you met onto a beautiful piece of jewellery. For a birthday present, you could inscribe their age to create a personalised ring. You can get creative with this idea for engraving jewellery - the places to draw engraved inspiration are endless. Why not denote a first home with a house number, or celebrate a new arrival with their birth weight? No matter what the occasion, or recipient, your idea for engraving jewellery will lead to a misty-eyed gift exchange.

Meaningful Symbols

From zodiac signs to fun emojis, symbols can range from sentimental and mythical to playful and entertaining. Symbols are a great idea for engraved jewellery as they can be as small or large as you like. A minimalist symbol will add a personal touch without going too overboard. With a wealth of motifs to draw engraved inspiration from, this gift is sure to be loved.

Whether you choose something cute, romantic or spiritual, there are plenty of symbols to choose from that will make your chosen piece of jewellery truly your own. Pair it with gemstone jewellery to harness the creativity of engraved jewellery ideas. Pearl pendants represent the month of June, and symbolises femininity. Perfect to partner alongside a gift inspired by engraved jewellery. With each stone representing a different month and special meaning, you can ensure your gift is truly individual.

Memorable Doodles

You may not have thought that doodles or drawings could be an idea for engraving jewellery, but they most certainly are! At Monica Vinader, we offer the option of including hand-drawn designs on our jewellery pieces for added creativity. Meaning there is even more choice when it comes to finding engraved inspiration. From a hand-written love note from your partner to a drawing that your child has done. There are many engraving ideas to pick from for a unique piece that no-one else will have.

We particularly love the idea of engraving jewellery by incorporating constellations into your designs. This makes your chosen piece completely unique to your birth date or favourite constellation. Adorn it alongside birthstone jewellery to create a truly unique gift.

There's something about the idea of engraving jewellery with a sketch or doodle that makes the piece even more personal and cherished. You're sure to enjoy seeing a doodle which means the world to you, encapsulated onto your jewellery.

Create Magic with Complimentary Engraving from Monica Vinader

At Monica Vinader, we bring your engraving ideas to life. Select the item you wish you engrave, and create your magical design. Our engravable jewellery is denoted by a little feather icon. You can then choose whether to add text, letters, numbers, motif or doodle. You're able to select the font and size of your design. Meaning you can create stunning designs which are unique to you and your loved one. No matter your idea for engraving jewellery, you're sure to love the finished result. It will enhance the magic of your bond, and be treasured for years to come.

What to Get Engraved on a Jewellery Box

Engraving ideas aren't just limited to jewellery. Whether you're looking for inspiration for engraving jewellery to gift yourself, or a loved one, you'll make more of an impact presenting it in a personalised jewellery box. For an even more soft-hearted gift exchange, the box provides an extra moment of magic when opening the present. In addition to providing a sentimental place for them to keep their treasured item in the rare occasion they're not wearing it. Have a name, initials, or motif added to their special keepsake, that they'll treasure when travelling or keeping their jewellery collection safe at home.

Sustainable Jewellery from Monica Vinader

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