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Our Sustainability Promise

Positive Luxury Certified

Butterfly Mark accredited

100% Recycled Gold Vermeil

& 100% recycled sterling silver

5 Year Warranty

& lifetime repair service

Ethical Diamonds

Kimberley Process approved

100% Recyclable Packaging

& reusable pouches

Fully Carbon Neutral

as we continue to avoid and reduce emissions

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Sustainability Roadmap


We want to accelerate change across the jewellery industry by delivering agenda-setting goals aligned to the following UN's Sustainable Development goals.

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Recyclable Packaging & Carbon Neutral Deliveries

We've rolled out new boxes and bags, which are 100% recyclable and use only FSC paper, saving 1.8 million A4 sheets of paper per year. We have also removed ALL single use plastic from our supply chain as of 2021.

Our goal is to avoid and reduce emissions wherever possible. We estimate we have offset over 1,200 tonnes of emissions through our carbon neutral shipments.

Recycled Materials

We only use 100% recycled gold vermeil and sterling silver. As a result, we estimate a saving of 2,275,623 kg GHG emissions by using recycled rather than mined gold and silver.

Circular Economy

We encourage everyone to practice responsible consumerism. Our jewellery recycling programme accepts all pieces, regardless of brand. Our 5 year replacement warranty and lifetime repair service means you can purchase less and wear longer.

Reused & Renewable Headquarters

Additionally, we've made the switch to renewable energy in our head office building in Norfolk, UK, and all offices and stores in which we have direct control of the energy supply.

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Monica's Meadow A Biodiversity Project in the British Countryside

In April 2022 we launched a new biodiversity project with leading environmentalist Jake Fiennes to preserve the British Countryside in Norfolk, UK, home of Monica Vinader's global head office. The project will transform seven hectares of agricultural land adjacent to the Holkham National Nature Reserve into a new species-rich grassland field (lovingly renamed 'Monica's Meadow'), increasing carbon capture and introducing new species of national and international importance.

Monica's Meadow is a five-year project employing science-based, traceable metrics that will have positive benefits, including improving air and water and soil quality, sequestering carbon and improving the biodiversity of the land.

For Our Community

Women for Women International

In 2019, we joined forces with Women for Women International to help women in conflict affected countries to rebuild their lives. With Monica as an ambassador, we have sponsored more than 335 women through 12-month educational programmes.

The Jagriti Foundation

Based in Jaipur, India, Monica discovered the incredible Jagriti School during a visit to our workshops. The Jagriti Foundation provides free education to children in the slums of Jaipur. Today, we have enrolled 90 children in school for a year.


In 2021, our NHS Skinny sapphire initiative raised £31,500. Monica and friends personally raised over £100,000 for our local community hospital nearest to our Norfolk Head office

Our Partners

Code of Conduct

All of our supply partners have signed our annually reviewed Code of Conduct agreement, which sets out their commitment to responsible management, ensuring fair living wages and working hours, a safe and ethical working environment and to supporting equality, diversity and inclusion within their workforce. The code also includes a commitment from our suppliers to use sustainable raw materials and packaging. We usually have a team member based abroad, regularly visiting each of our suppliers, with other team members frequently joining too. We also engage third party audits, carried out by an accredited independent auditing body.


Responsible Manufacturing

Our jewellery is thoughtfully handcrafted before it makes its way to you. That is the quality standard behind every Monica Vinader piece and a promise we can make because our suppliers are family.

Our Workshops

In fact, all our workshops go through regular Intertek Workplace Conditions Assessments audits to ensure fair wages and hours, employee rights, health and safety, and responsible corporate governance.

Ethical Sourcing

Further, we ensure 100% of our diamonds are responsibly sourced by adhering to the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties.

Holding ourselves Accountable

To hold ourselves accountable and make sure we are delivering on our promise,
we've partnered with others who share this goal, both inside and outside of our industry.

Positive Luxury has recognised Monica Vinader as a business that meets the highest
sustainability standards and leaves a positive impact on the world.
The Butterfly Mark accredits our ongoing dedication to doing better.

UN Global Compact

Since 2020, Monica Vinader has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate
responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour,
the environment and anti-corruption.