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Amethyst in South Korea, Asia

Korea utterly adores gemstones and the Amethyst is perhaps the main reason for it - it is revered high and wide in this captivating country.

The semi-precious gemstone is joined by smoky Topaz and Korean White Jade as one of Korea's prides and joys, so it is often found set into beautiful gold jewellery for the admiration of fashion enthusiasts and spiritualists everywhere. Let's take a look at the incredible relationship that's shared between this country and crystal as we celebrate one of the great gemstones of the world:

The history and locations of Amethyst in South Korea, Asia

There are many locations from which Amethyst has been produced in South Korea over the centuries, but many of these mines are now out of use and operate as tourist attractions.The gemstone has a long history of mining in Korea, including during the Japanese occupation in the early-to-mid 20th century. It is, needless to say, still as revered today as ever.As with Japan, Tibet and, in fact, much of the wider world, there are a number of popular uses and belief systems surrounding Amethyst here. Interestingly, many of them marry up with how the rest of the world has grown to make it part of their daily lives.

One of the main characteristics of Amethyst as far as Koreans are concerned is that it markedly improves blood circulation, but its health benefits can be mental as well as physical. Many consider it to have the powers to improve one's state of mind and general mental wellbeing. The beliefs that it reduces stress and alleviates headaches and even insomnia have been around for centuries in South Korea. The Amethyst has also historically been extremely popular for use in jewellery in Korea and is often seen tied into necklaces and bracelets using traditional Korean knots in a number of different regions of the country.

Eonyang, South Gyeongsang Province

Tong-Kol Mine in the village of Eonyang is one of the most notable mines in South Korea and has produced some of the finest Amethyst gemstones to come out of the country. The village itself hosts a traditional market every five days, where you can find stunning Amethyst stones of all shapes and sizes amongst the rather palatable local produce.

Jirisan National Park

Jirisan (Chiri-san) is a famous peak in the Sobaek mountain range in the southern region of South Korea. Located in the Gyeongsangnam-do Province, it is the second-highest mountain in South Korea and is known for its gemstone deposits.The Amethyst from Jirisan has been spread far and wide with gemstone enthusiasts all over the world and is one of the main reasons for visits to the region.

Gyeongju National Park

The abundance of Amethyst in South Korea is supported by yet another south eastern national park with rich deposits. It's a region famous for its temples, tombs and ancient ruins, so there are many indicators of its affluent past. Amethyst was one of the Koreans' symbols of wealth in olden times and it remains a must-have for residents and tourists alike. Mount Songnisan in the central Gyeongsangbuk-do Province also sells many of the famous gemstones from this region on its slopes, such as Amethyst and Jade.

Where else is Amethyst sourced?

Amethyst is a universally popular gemstone that has impacted on many a culture throughout history. Its place in the most ubiquitous family of minerals in the world, quartz, means that it can be found on almost every continent. South America has huge deposits of the gemstone in Brazil and Uruguay in particular, whilst Tibet, India, Austria, Russia, Namibia and Madagascar are also in amongst the Amethyst collective.

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