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An introduction to Amazonite

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a beautiful blue-green semi-precious gemstone that is used all over the world for everyday jewellery and healing practices. It is a relatively rare variety of the feldspar group of minerals that collectively make up most of the earth's crust, which means that, unlike quartz minerals, it naturally has a cloudy appearance and a hardness of around 6 on the Mohs scale.

The patterns on blue-green Amazonite gemstones of varying brilliance usually form with white threads and the occasional black spot or inclusion in them, so each and every one is truly unique. They can also come in a variety of shades, from pale green to Turquoise blue, depending on where they come from - stones from Madagascar, for instance, are lighter and bluer, whilst those from Russia don a greener sheen. No two Amazonite gemstones are the same, which is part of what makes this gemstone so special.

With similar talismanic qualities to the likes of Moonstone, which is also part of the feldspar group, Amazonite has enjoyed a rich history full of admiration. Explore the story behind this fantastic gemstone with us here.

What are the origins of Amazonite?

As you might gather from its name, Amazonite is known for and defined by its associations with the largest river in South America, the Amazon. In fact, it is affectionately known as the Amazon Stone by people in that region of the world. Spiritually speaking, Amazonite has also been known as the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth to ancient societies across the world and it is a feature of many religious stories of gods and goddesses.

For us mortals here on earth, it is believed to have the power to combine both feminine and masculine qualities in all those who possess it, so it unlocks every positive aspect of our personalities to allow us to see the world from every perspective (in theory, it can settle all arguments!).

What are the historic uses of Amazonite?

The very appearance of Amazonite has a calm confidence about it - that beautiful pale shade of blue-green is captivatingly soothing to the eye - so it has been used as an emblem of personal development and protection in many an historic society. One historic use that rings true to the name (but isn't necessarily proven) is that the semi-mythical tribe of female warriors, the Amazonians - who were thought to have roamed the river in the 10th century BC - decorated their shields with the stone for added protection.

Civilisations from South America to Russia have created amazonite jewellery for similar reasons, but their concerns were perhaps less physical and more emotional. Belief systems around Amazonite have been such that people practise soul-searching and metaphysical soothing with it. Early Hindu traditions also held it close thanks to its positive effects on the chakras of the heart and throat, which is a common theme for many gemstones of the world.

Where is Amazonite sourced?

Whilst it is believed by many that the original Amazonite stones were mined from Brazil's Amazon River Basin and the surrounding areas, it is not currently found and mined there, so its true source is uncertain.

What is certain, however, is the abundance of the gemstone that have been discovered all around the world. Many countries, including Canada, Russia, Australia, Madagascar, Namibia and India, are proud to have been sources of the Amazonite we see in the world today. It can also be found in Colorado and Virginia in the United States, which is what leads many people to refer to it as Colorado Jade, such are its similarities to Jade itself.

Is Amazonite a birthstone?

Although Amazonite isn't officially associated with the birthstone chart, it is commonly used for protection and balance by people born in March. Some sources also apply Amazonite to the Zodiac sign of Virgo, so there isn't universal agreement about the role it plays at certain times of the year.

How is Amazonite worn?

The similarities between Amazonite and Moonstone in terms of colour mean that they are often found together in jewellery arrangements and accessories. In fact, Amazonite is sometimes referred to as Blue Moonstone, so it can be used to adorn the same kind of elegant eveningwear that might need a splash of colour without being overbearing.

Amazonite at Monica Vinader

The delicate nature of the semi-precious gemstone Amazonite means that we need to protect it with a colourless coating at Monica Vinader. This ensures that you get the highest quality stone with the most suitable finish for its use in beautiful everyday jewellery.

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