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#AltaYourStyle with Monikh Dale

Topshop personal shopper turned Instagram style sensation, Monikh Dale is one to watch. Known to her followers simply as 'Monikh' she curates an enviable social media feed filled with serious outfit goals and covetable interior ideas. It's her genuinely unique style that sets her apart, making her the ideal person to set free with our brand new customisable statement links. We caught up with her to see what she thought...

What are your favourite pieces from the Alta Capture collection?

I love the long chain necklace in gold, it's so versatile. My favourite combination is it clipped tight with the Siren Shore charm on the end.

What does jewellery mean to you?

I love pieces that I can wear over and over again. Each season I'll be obsessed with one particular collection so when I look back some pieces remind me of holidays, weddings, the amazing summer we had in London last year! I treat jewellery memories like clothes, and I always remember what I was wearing.

How would you describe your signature style?

Minimalistic but with an eclectic edge.

What are your golden rules for styling the Alta Capture collection?

Let the jewellery do the talking. Carry charms with you in your bag in case it's a day to night day and you need to dress up your look.

How would you describe this collection in three words?

Bold, sassy and clever.

What would you choose from the below (go with your first answer - no cheating!):

Diamonds or gemstones? Diamonds

Classic or Quirky? Classic

Nature or nurture? Both

City break or desert island? City

Homebird or adventure seeker? Homebird

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