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In London with Tess Ward

Meet Tess Ward; a native Londoner, Le Corden Bleu trained chef and food consultant.

Discover Tess's journey to becoming a chef, her go-to engraving and how she styles our collections for A/W17.

What was the most important thing you learnt on your journey to becoming a chef?

Ask yourself why you do what you do - If one person a day makes one of my recipes instead of junk food, that is a success to me. That said, everyone's path is different, so work hard, be kind, accept the unpredictable and make the most of all the things you are good at.

What is the earliest memory you have with jewellery?

I always used to go through my mum's jewellery box when she was getting ready to go out. I remember sitting on her bed and helping her choose the right pieces for her outfit. I love the whole process of dressing up, so I'd put on a pair of clip-on earrings, her heels and lipstick (complete with multicoloured leggings and a scruffy dungaree dress) and clomp down the hallway in an effort to make it out the door with them.

What is it about Monica Vinader pieces that you like the most?

I tend to opt for less delicate pieces to wear day to day and the signature cuffs, stacking rings and gold chains have become staples for me. They seem to bring together almost any look.

If you could only engrave one symbol, sentence or character what would that be and why?

It would be 'wanna hear some poetry' - a line from the sweetest thing. A movie my best friend Emma and I used to watch on repeat as teens. It's a movie that never fails to make me laugh and sums up so much of my life.

What is your go-to piece of jewellery?

I have developed a little collection of jade and gold rings. The most important of which is one that has been passed down from my granny. There is something about the energy of the stone and the turquoise colour of the ring with gold that I really love

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