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Meet Katherine Schwarzenegger, an LA native, best-selling author and animal rights activist. Discover her latest book release, her tips to becoming an author and how she likes to style her jewellery for every day.

At the age of just 27 you have already accomplished so much; as an author; founder of an eponymous lifestyle blog; an avid animal rights activist and numerous television appearances. Tell us about the most memorable moment in your career to date.

I have had a lot of memorable moments in my career but probably the most important one would be when I came out with my first book. I remember it really well because I had never done anything like that before and it was my first time doing something that I was really excited and passionate about. I had worked really hard on that book so when it came out it was nerve-racking. I had made the decision to have the book be an open diary of my experiences as a young woman in Los Angeles and my journey with body image so it was scary but really exciting. I also remember when I found out that it made the New York Times bestseller list, I was sitting in my apartment at college and I freaked out!

You have just launched your third book, your first children's book, Maverick and Me. Do you have any tips for anyone seeking to become a published author?

I get asked this question a lot and my number one piece of advice is to never lose sight of why you are doing what you're doing. A lot of the time we can have experiences where we are rejected or things don't work out the way we want them to so it's important to always remember why you are doing what you're doing because getting a book done isn't easy. Also remember that everything happens for reason; I have had book ideas that have been turned down and it can be hard in the moment but just know that it's often times leading you to something better and always keep trying and never give up.

Who do you turn to when you need advice and what's the best piece of life advice they've given?

I usually turn to my friends and family for advice on pretty much everything. I would say I turned to my mom for 99% of things in life and she always gives me the best advice. There are so many amazing things that she has told me but probably the best piece of advice, which is taking time to learn, is to trust your gut because it's always right.

Your books tend to draw inspiration from your own life experiences. Where do you go in LA to feel inspired?

I like to be out and about meeting new and different people and that's where I get inspired. All three of my books have come from real life experiences that are matched with causes I am really passionate about and that I want people to know about. Whether that's body image, advice for recent college graduates, or teaching children about animal rescue; those are all topics that I experienced and became passionate about and then wanted people to learn from.

How would you describe your style and how you go about achieving it?

My style has definitely evolved and continues to evolve over time, but I would say it's LA, feminine, sexy and comfortable. I have always been a huge jewellery girl, and I am a big believer in layering pieces, which is why I love Monica Vinader so much; all the pieces can be layered and worn together. I also don't like to take my jewellery off every day when I go to bed or when I shower or work out, so when I get new jewellery I like to have a story with every piece and make sure it all goes together.

How do you incorporate jewellery into your everyday look; for example do you have a style preference of diamonds or gemstones pieces?

I would say that I normally wear more yellow gold pieces, but that also changes over time. When I was in high school I wore a lot of silver so I think that just changes as you get older and live life. I really am never seen without jewellery. Even if I'm working out, running around or sitting at home in sweats, I always have my jewellery on. One of the things I love so much about jewellery, is that fact that it's a way of telling a story and also having conversation with people. I have a lot of inexpensive jewellery that I got in high school and college and I still love wearing it because it has a story that goes with it. Wearing and layering pieces have almost become somewhat of a safety blanket for me; I don't feel any look is complete unless I'm wearing my jewellery. I have 10 ear piercings and people are often surprised to find out that I keep all of those in and never take them out no matter what. I like to have fun with my jewellery too, so if I'm traveling I try to get fun pieces to remember the experience or to make something personalised, like I did with my Monica Vinader bracelet.

Do you have a favourite Monica Vinader piece?

I think my favourite piece so far is the engraved bracelet I just got that has my sibling's birthdays on it. I like it because it's personal and sentimental and I like to wear it every day because I'm really close to my siblings. Aside from that piece, my other favourite piece is definitely the Signature bangle with diamonds. I just love that you can wear everything together and layer all the time!

If you could have anything engraved on a Monica Vinader bracelet what would it be?

I feel like I kind of did that with my siblings birthdays, but I would probably do another one where I could add my parent's birthdays to it as well.

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