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Rose Quartz

An introduction to Rose Quartz

What is Rose Quartz?

Elegant, feminine and associated with love, the semi-precious gemstone Rose Quartz is amongst the most abundant and desirable of stones in the world. Its typically pale pink hue is easy on the eye thanks to the web of feather inclusions inside each cut and shaped stone, adding a softness that makes for the perfect addition of colour to all kinds of outfits, morning, noon and night.

It's a silicone dioxide crystal that can display quite the range of shades, from soft and pale to deep and reddish pink, owing to the varying traces of manganese, titanium or iron in its natural environment. On mining, it is found in huge stones and, thanks to its distinctively delicate appearance, is easily identified as Rose Quartz no matter the size of the original piece. Once it is cut to shape for jewellery, it is one of the most strikingly elegant gemstones in the world.

What are the origins of Rose Quartz?

It is believed that Rose Quartz has had close associations with the human heart and soul for thousands of years around the world. The origins of this popular gemstone reportedly date back to 600 BC and it has even been found on facial masks excavated from Egyptian tombs.The healing qualities of Rose Quartz were widely believed by both the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Romans - they were so fond of the gemstone that they were convinced it slowed down the aging process by preventing wrinkles!

Its journey into the world of modern jewellery is one that has been laced with love and romance. Known as the Heart Stone and the Crystal of Unconditional Love, Rose Quartz occupies a dear place in the hearts of those who wear it and helps them develop more meaningful relationships not only with family and friends, but also with new lovers and even the natural world.

What are the historic uses of Rose Quartz?

The soft and delicate appearance of Rose Quartz has led many civilisations to utilise it as a soothing presence in many walks of life. From healing old wounds to finding new love, it has been thought to bring a somewhat spiritual energy to those who come into contact with it.

Such qualities were thought to provide the individual with a deep, two-way understanding of love, which leant on the idea that they would be more open and able to form strong relationships with others when they have learned to love themselves - only the ability of Rose Quartz to heal wounds and dispel fears would allow them to do this.

The gemstone was known as Bohemian or Silesian Ruby in Ancient times, but not much more than its name has changed over the centuries when you look at the belief systems that have surrounded it. The gentleness of its appearance was thought to bring with it the kind of compassion and tenderness that humans desire, so it has been as likely to be used as a mothering crystal in one culture as it has to fend off midlife crises in another.

Where is Rose Quartz sourced?

The most abundant deposits of Rose Quartz have historically been found in India, Africa and the USA and it is still worked to this day in many such mines. Custer in South Dakota, USA, was once a significant source of the pink variety of Quartz, whilst mines are still in operation in places like Rajasthan, India, and Madagascar in Africa.It is still to this day a prominent carving stone in China and has traditionally been revered by ancient Oriental cultures - the global influence of this beautiful gemstone is undeniably plain to see.

Is Rose Quartz a birthstone?

Rose Quartz is often cited as a birthstone of January along with the modern and traditional birthstone of Garnet.They share soothing shades of red and pink as gemstones, so their healing qualities are believed to bring good health and wellbeing to all January babies.

How is Rose Quartz worn?

The semi-precious gemstone is known for its ability to retain its colour even in direct sunlight, so it can be a stunning addition to any type of summer outfit without worrying about how the weather might affect it (of course, like any gemstone, though, it must be cared for as much as possible and shouldn't be left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time). It enjoys a delicate colour that won't overpower any other part of your outfit, so it can be the perfect accessory if you want to add a subtle splash of colour as a finishing touch.

Rose Quartz at Monica Vinader

We ensure that every piece of Rose Quartz we sell has been ethically-sourced and cut from the rough, so you get the purest gemstones for only the finest everyday jewellery from Monica Vinader.

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