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A Complete Guide to Ethical Diamonds

What are Ethical Diamonds?

Ethical diamonds are stones which are extracted in safe mining conditions. Therefore, we know that the miners are treated well. Aspects of being fairly treated include being paid a fair wage, having safe working conditions, and that no human rights are compromised.

There are multiple other benefits to purchasing ethically sourced diamonds. For example, ensuring another's life is not harmed in the process of extraction. Having seen the rise in conscious consumerism, shoppers are now demanding greater transparency over where their ethical diamonds are sourced. At Monica Vinader, our diamond jewellery is made using ethical diamonds. It is important to us to ensure our customers are receiving a high quality ethical diamond. It is for this reason we have our quality promise for all our materials.

Conflict-Free Diamonds: What are They?

You may have heard the term 'conflict-free diamonds' when searching for ethical diamonds. But what's the difference? Conflict diamonds are those that are mined in war zones. They are then sold to finance the conflict. Conflict diamonds also have the stigma of poor working conditions and may induce child labour. Conflict-free diamonds on the other hand do not endorse child labour or a poor working environment. They are instead mined in areas that are controlled by recognised governments. It is procedures such as the Kimberly Process, that are making it more difficult for conflict diamonds to be in circulation.

At Monica Vinader we only use conflict-free, ethical diamonds in our gold jewellery and silver jewellery.

Sourcing Our Ethical Diamonds

For all of our beautiful pieces, we only use ethical diamonds and sustainable materials. To produce our demi-fine jewellery, there are elements we take into consideration. The first being, we only source our materials from suppliers who are registered members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. As we are members of the council, we take into account factors to make sure our diamonds meet ethical standards. We do this as we want to provide our customers with high quality pieces. Our three steps to ensuring high quality gems are:

  1. We check to see that all our suppliers are committed to the Kimberley Process. This procedure is a certification that aims to follow diamonds from mine to market. It was issued as a way to help reduce the number of conflict diamonds that are in circulation. Diamond trading can already be very complex. But with the help of the Kimberley Process, you know your diamond has been certified.
  2. After ensuring our suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process, we also check to see that they follow The World Diamond Council's System of Warranties. This is another guarantee that with each stone sold, such as our H colour diamonds, follows the minimum requirement set out in the process.
  3. Finally, following these checks means our suppliers comply with the United Nations' Resolutions.

Having these steps in place means we are taking reasonable measures to reduce the sales of conflict diamonds across the globe. It also enables our customers to receive sort-after, ethical diamonds within their pieces. As well as ethical diamonds, we also ensure our hand cut, coloured gemstones meet the same qualities, in terms of social, ethical, and environmental standards. These are also measured by being a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Lab Grown Diamonds vs Mined Diamonds vs Recycled Diamonds

Like many other materials, there are various types of diamonds, but are all of them ethical? In our everyday diamonds, we use ethical diamonds that are conflict-free. We know this, as all our suppliers comply with government regulations, such as the World Diamond Council's System of Warranties. Our quality promise is to ensure all our materials, metals, and stones are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are made in a controlled laboratory environment. Advanced technology is used to replicate the conditions which traditional ethical diamonds are developed in. They display the same characteristics as traditional ethical diamonds. As well as this they are a responsible choice as they do not require mining. Which is one aspect often questioned due to large accounts of conflict diamonds in circulation.

Mined Diamonds

Mined diamonds are often classed as 'natural diamonds'. This is due to being created organically within the earth. What happens within the earth's crust is carbons put under extreme heat and pressure form the diamonds. Once mined, these precious gemstones are graded using the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat). Ethical diamonds are mined under good working conditions, but this isn't always the case. Making sure you buy from reputable sources, is the best way to ensure you have ethical diamonds.

Recycled Diamonds

Recycled diamonds are as the name suggests. They are diamonds which were previously purchased and have been made available again. These diamonds are ethical as they require no new mining. This could suggest that this method of sourcing could reduce the risk of unethical labor happening within mines. At Monica Vinader we have our own recycling program as part of our sustainability promise. This program encourages our customers to recycle their gold and silver jewellery in a bid to become a circular economy.

About Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is a jewellery brand that was founded in 2008. We create beautiful pieces, such as bracelets, earrings, and rings. Which can accent any outfit, whether formal or everyday. Having a diverse range of styles within your jewellery box means you could have options that take you easily from day to night. Our pieces combine demi-fine jewellery with long lasting fashion, to ensure the wearer never goes out of style.

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