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5 Inspirational Bracelets with Meaning

Many people may choose to accent their wrist with a famous quote or saying. While others prefer sentences from the heart. However you choose to find inspiration, jewelry is the perfect bridge to obtaining meaning and beauty locked together.

Discover the different types of inspirational bracelets and the meaning behind them with our guide.

What is an Inspirational Bracelet?

Inspirational bracelets can take the shape of numerous styles. For these types of bracelets the beauty and sentimental value are more important than the style. What makes an inspirational bracelet so unique is the message engraved upon it. Comprising motivational quotes and sentimental expressions, your chain bracelet or cord bracelet can be unique to you.

5 Types of Inspirational Bracelets

Just like meaningful bracelets, inspirational bracelets hold sentimental value to the wearer which is priceless. These bracelets make the perfect gift for loved ones, friends and yourself. You can use them as a daily reminder to be inspired. Find one that you'll hold close to remind you of all the special memories you have had.

relive special moments when wearing an inspirational bracelet
engrave a bracelet to provide inspiration to a significant other

Engraved Bracelets with Meaning

One of the most inspirational bracelets you will find is one that has been inscribed personally. Engraved bracelets are able to reflect a story by the thoughtful words written. Whether it is remembering the date of your first holiday with a loved one, or a memorable quote you cherish. Our complimentary engraving service makes personalising simple, so the only difficult decision is deciding on your motto.

Inspirational bracelets provide you with the perfect gift both to yourself or someone special. Once given, these pieces can be treasured for a lifetime. To add a touch more personality to your gift, choose an inspirational bracelet in their favorite metal. Choose between sterling silver, rose gold and gold jewelry to add the finishing look. All three metal types compliment any outfit and look spectacular when mixed together. The mix of metals will ensure the wearer will have a lifetime of memories with their new engraved bracelet.

Friendship Bracelets to Inspire

Friendship bracelets share inspiration between two people. The purpose behind this jewelry is to symbolise the strong bond between the giver and receiver. The thought behind this inspirational bracelet is to have a matching pair. You keep one and the other is given to someone you consider a special friend. It could be someone you have grown up through childhood with or someone you have recently rekindled with after years apart. Nonetheless, whoever you share these bracelets with, the meaning is still memorable.

Ownership of these inspirational bracelets on your wrist can provide encouraging words to get either of you through the bad days. It can also keep you energised to push further in times of doubt. The minimalist designs of these types of friendship bracelets is what makes it effortless to wear and style alongside any outfit. They can be dainty and elegant for a flawless look, or bright and a statement piece to add a splash of color.

friendship bracelets symbolise a special bond so stack them with your jewelry for a layered look
inspirational bracelets can produce significant feelings by their color

Colored Inspirational Bracelets

Colors can not just make an inspirational bracelet unique. They can stimulate the mind to feel a range of emotions and feelings too. For example, colorful friendship bracelets can symbolise feelings to inspire a loved one. The colors and meanings include:

  • Pink = Harmony
  • Red = Luck
  • Blue = Courage
  • Green = Truth
  • Grey = Success
  • Black = Energy

Colors on inspirational bracelets can also be sourced by using precious gemstones. Gemstones can accent jewelry for a pop of color, but traditionally they are used to represent an individual's birth month. Birthstones represent a different color for each month of the year, which can be placed delicately inside an inspirational bracelet or jewelry of your choosing. Diamonds, aquamarine and moonstones create a selection of gems to choose from depending on your birth month. These gemstones add personality to a piece, as they are said in astrology, to represent a person's personality. A quality like this can make any jewelry bespoke and unique.

Inspirational Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are both meaningful and inspirational as they can be personalised to represent an individual's personality. The unique designs are crafted by accenting the inspirational bracelet with various pendants. Pendants can form the shapes of semi-precious gemstones or objects which refer to a meaningful item to the wearer. This can vary from hobbies, to favorite song lyrics and can even include adored stones such as pearls. The types of pearls we use to create our jewelry are sustainably farmed pearls. To gain the sustainably farmed classification, our suppliers at their pearl farms must abide by a certain set of rules. These rules entail that the farmers must protect the environment in which they are sourcing their materials from. Obtaining this credibility assures us that we are providing our customers with quality materials in their products.

pearls add beauty to inspirational bracelets by their timeless classical appearance
layer your style with inspirational cuff bracelets

Cuff Bracelets with Inspiration

Cuff bracelets can be seen as powerful pieces of jewelry that provide inspiration through their rich history. These inspirational bracelets are traditionally adorned by many African tribes as pieces of their battle armour. It is these warriors who believe that they can bring protection and express liberation to the wearer. By emphasizing your arms with an inspirational cuff bracelet, you can feel empowered by their beauty. What's more, these inspirational bracelets vary in thickness. Whether you have several thin cuffs or one statement bangle, they make great stacking bracelets for a unique layered look.

About Monica Vinader

Producing beautiful pieces, Monica Vinader is a contemporary jewelry brand which was founded in 2008. We combine demi-fine jewelry with luxury designs to suit everyone. Whether you are looking for a centrepiece necklace, elegant earrings or rings for any occasion. We are sure to have something for you to fall in love with. Recently we have been awarded the Butterfly Mark Accreditation by Positive Luxury Certified. This mark represents all the hard work we do to ensure our high-quality pieces are sustainably crafted and sourced.

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