All of our gemstones are personally selected and cut from the rough, allowing us to remain true to Monica’s design vision without compromise. Our use of genuine stones ensures that each piece has its own distinct personality.

  • Ametrine

    One of nature's finests fusions hailing from Bolivia - Ametrine is the by-product of Amethyst and Citrine growing next to one another. A bi-colour stone from the Quartz family - each with its own completely unique colour, combining purple and yellow in a sporadic formation, representing 'healing'.

  • Blue Quartz

    Representing 'clarity', Blue Quartz is a translucent stone that can, ironically, appear cloudy at times with its natural inclusions. A rich teal blue in colour, it originates in China and India and is part of the Quartzite family.

  • Green Amethyst

    Ranging from pale green to lime green in shade, Green Amethyst is rich in variation and personality though its translucence makes it beautifully subtle. The stone for 'compassion', it originates in Brazil and comes from the Quartz family.

  • Kyanite

    Kyanite, the birthstone for September, is a dominantly blue gemstone originating from India. This stone represents 'loyalty' and features threaded inclusions which give it character.

  • Amazonite

    Originating from Brazil, Canada and Russia, Amazonite is a rare blue-green variety of the Feldspar mineral. The birthstone for March, representing 'balance', Amazonite is naturally patterned with white threads and the occasional black spot, making each cut truly unique. Due to its delicate, porous nature, we protect this semi-precious stone with a colourless coating.

  • Amethyst

    A hybrid from the Chalcedony and Quartz gemstone families, Amethyst Lace Agate originates from Brazil and represents 'wisdom'. Heat treated to enhance its colour and clarity, this translucent stone is the traditional birthstone for February, and formed of deep purple and violet waves with contrasting white threads.

  • Aquamarine

    Representing 'trust', Aquamarine boasts a rich mixture of sea blues - from pale to medium tones (and its very name means 'sea water' in Latin!). A transparent stone originating in Africa, it is of the Beryl variety and is heat-treated to unlock its colour.

  • Black Onyx

    Black Onyx is sourced in India and is part of the Chalcedony gemstone family. Representing 'will-power', Black Onyx is an opaque, solid black gemstone, permanently dyed, and with a smooth surface once polished.

  • Blue Lace Agate

    Originating from both Brazil and India, Blue Lace Agate, the birthstone for February, is a Chalcedony stone that represents 'tranquillity'. This stone is enhanced with dyes, giving it a soft blue-purple hue, patterned with lacey waves of white.

  • Citrine

    Fresh and bright, Citrine is the stone of 'creativity'. Found in the sunny climes of Brazil, its name comes from the French word for 'lemon' - indicative of its bright golden yellow colour. Each stone is translucent and varies slightly in shade making every single one unique.

  • Green Onyx

    Green Onyx, the birthstone for May, is a translucent stone which represents 'protection'. Sourced in India, Green Onyx is a Chalcedony gemstone enhanced with dyes to give it its vivid emerald green colour.

  • Grey Agate

    Grey Agate is the birthstone for October and represents 'grounding'. Found in Brazil and India, this stone is grey in tone and features opaque and translucent bands running through it varying in depth and colour.

  • Labradorite

    The birthstone for August, Labradorite is a Feldspar stone that represents 'intuition', which is sourced in both the US and Madagascar. Composed of a grey-brown body tone this gemstone is lifted by iridescent flashes in colours ranging from peacock blue to gold or coppery red.

  • Lemon Quartz

    Taking its name from its invigorating lemon yellow colour, it's no wonder Lemon Quartz represents 'focus'. Found in Brazil and part of the Quartz family, it is a translucent stone with small crystal inclusions.

  • Moonstone

    Rainbow Moonstone, found in Madagascar and India, is a Feldspar stone representing 'nourishment' and is the traditional birthstone for June. Ranging from colourless to a cloudy white, it is famed for its changeable rainbow sheen which moves from blue to a myriad of colour in the light.

  • Pink Quartz

    Part of the Quartzite family, Pink Quartz is a stone that represents 'resilience'. The birthstone for July and sourced from both China and India, this translucent gemstone is enhanced with dyes, and features interwoven and often cloudy inclusions that alter the intensity of its raspberry pink colour.

  • Rose Quartz

    Originating from India, Rose Quartz is pale pink in colour and is the birthstone for January. Representing 'love', this translucent gemstone is composed of a web of feather inclusions which create it's cloudy, soft, pink colour.

  • White Topaz

    White Topaz is the birthstone for November, representing 'beauty'. Originating in India and Brazil, Topaz is a colourless and transparent stone with mineral inclusions that give it a slight tint.