Resilient, strong and beautiful from the inside out - qualities we'd all like to possess? Absolutely. Diamonds have long-been a symbol of love and rarity alike but, until now, they've been out of reach for many. At Monica Vinader, we pride ourselves on making the impossible, possible, and our everyday diamond pieces do just that. Affordable, wearable, utterly covetable. So step inside our guide and find out how to make these wonderful stones your very own best friend.


As a rule of thumb, lighter metals, such as sterling silver, tend to work well on cooler skin tones, and golds on those with a warmer complexion. Generally, we throw rules out the window but it's something to bear in mind.

Most of our diamond collections such as Nura and Riva feature a pavé finish, which is where small diamonds are almost paved onto the piece. This means they're front and centre so if you're fair skinned and would rather a rose gold finish, go for it! Sterling silver provides an understated backdrop for diamonds to shine, while 18ct gold and rose gold vermeil make the pavé pop. It's your style so your rules.



Ok, going to the office dripping in diamonds probably isn't what most of us would do. But layering delicate pieces can create a more casual look. For day time, more actually is less (see, we told you we don't stick to rules). Layering pavé pieces builds a look that's more expressive and can be effortlessly worked into your everyday. Wearing a standalone diamond, or going for pared back styling, however, can signify rarity and elegance and elevate the stone, which is ideal for the evening.



"Go boldly where no one else has gone before." Some age-old wisdom goes a long way, especially with diamonds. Colour adds a layer of interest and vibrancy that breathes life into styling. Our Siren, Nura and Baja collections are perfect for this. Mix and match colours for a playful, eclectic look or colour block with a single stone of significance - whether it's Pink Quartz for resilience or Amazonite for balance - you can build a vibrant look around your diamonds that holds a deeper meaning.


Now here's how to own it. With a number of customisable pieces, engraving is a great way to personalise your look alongside your sparkle. Plus our diamond pieces, such as Linear Solo and Signature, offer the option for engraving too. What better way to impress a loved one with, not only a diamond, but a completely personal diamond. Or perhaps it's a treat for yourself - every girl should be able to own diamonds after all.


Which pair of jeans have you worn until there are holes in the knees? And what about your go-to t-shirt that you ended up buying five of because there's just nothing better in your wardrobe? Well, here's a little secret - we've made it possible for you to have the option of a 'go-to' diamond jewellery piece or two. Whether it's an Alphabet diamond letter or symbol, a Linear Solo cuff or a piece of Signature sparkle - it's time to make diamonds part of your everyday.



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