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Natalya Kanj in Monica Vinader

Natalya Kanj


Natalya Kanj is one half of Five Five Fabulous. The fashion blog by two sisters living in London and Dubai. Her signature look features fine lines of diamonds and vibrant flashes of colour.

Natalya Kanj in Monica Vinader
Natalya Kanj in Monica Vinader
Natalya Kanj in Monica Vinader


What's the best thing about Jumeirah?
I love that it has a modern yet traditional feel to it. One of my favourite things is to do is drive down the beach road with the coast right by my side.

In three words, describe Dubai style
Individual. Feminine. Glamorous.

What signifies the start of spring for you?
For me it's always when the weather changes slightly and the sun shines for that little bit longer.

What one wardrobe essential could you not live without?
A crisp white shirt. It's my go to piece with anything from jeans to a pair of shorts.

Match your metals or mix your metals?
I like to mix. I never leave the house without my watch, which is silver, and a lot of my jewellery is gold or rose gold, so I'm definitely a fan of mixing over matching.

I wear my skinny eternity ring every day. It’s so minimal and that’s why I love it.

Natalya Kanj in Monica Vinader

What's your favourite gemstone for spring?
I'm loving the Capri collection. The aquamarine is such a beautiful blue!

What's your MV must-have?
I wear my Skinny Eternity Ring every day. It's so minimal, and that's why I love it.

Any tips on hidden gems in the city?
I love checking out the souks in Bastakiya. There's so much culture and I always leave feeling happy.

Are you a diamond devotee?
I don't think I know a girl who doesn't love diamonds! I like to save mine for special occasions but I do have my favourite subtle pieces that I wear every day like the Riva Hoop Bracelet and the Esencia Diamond Bracelet.

Natalya Kanj in Monica Vinader