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How to Wear & Style Minimalist Rings

Minimalist rings bring subtle and simple style to every outfit. The understated piece of jewellery is ideal for the everyday, adding glamour in a subtle way. From wearing bands on their own, to stacking for a one of a kind look, we will guide you through how to style minimalist rings to their full potential.

Exploring the Minimalist Jewellery Trend

The term 'minimalist' derives from 'minimalism.' When it comes to art, minimalism refers to pieces that are formed of simple shapes, focusing on the form. Minimalist rings and jewellery follow the same idea, being simple in their design, rather than statement pieces. As they focus on form, they can still house beautiful precious gemstones, just in a more minimal style. Due to their simplicity, minimalist rings can be worn alone or even paired with more extravagant pieces.

how to style minimalist rings
how to easily wear minimalist rings

What's the Difference Between Minimalist and Simple Rings?

Simple rings are very much in alignment with their minimalist counterparts. They too focus on simple design, and are often just thin bands of sterling silver or gold. This ring type is extremely easy to pair with your favourite gold or silver jewellery as it can support more bold pieces.

How to Wear Minimalist Rings

There are many ways to wear minimalist rings, the most simple being to wear singular rings alone. Wearing individual bands on each finger is a truly elegant way to pull off this gorgeous jewellery look. Even if the style of each ring differs, matching the metal of each one will ensure your look is cohesive.

what are simple rings
are band rings minimalist?

Another way to style minimalist rings is to wear them as stacking rings. Choosing this option of styling will allow you to pair your minimalist rings with more stand out pieces for a striking look. We adore wearing our more simple rings with bold cocktail rings. The clean lines of the minimalist rings will ensure your larger piece is the centre of attention, whilst drawing the whole look together.

how to stack minimalist rings
express your unique style with minimalist rings

Where to Wear Minimalist Rings

The versatility of minimalist rings means you can wear them just about anywhere. Due to their subtle nature, they can be worn as a finishing piece to your workwear, giving you the boost of confidence you need for that important meeting. Minimalist rings can also be worn with your favourite evening outfits, from cocktail evenings with friends, to romantic dates. Minimalist rings truly are an essential part of every jewellery box.

As they're so easy to wear and style, they also make the perfect wearable pieces for the everyday. Their simplicity makes them ideal as gifts as your loved one will be able to wear them all the time, so why not treat someone special to a promise ring?

Minimalist Rings for the Romantic

Minimalist rings make a stunning option when it comes to sentimental gifts. You can never go wrong with a sleek and elegant design, as it makes this piece easy for your loved one to pair with their current favourite pieces.

When it comes to promise rings, diamonds are a beautiful choice. The stone is built to last, and so adds a meaningful layer to your gift to your partner. They'll adore and cherish this ring for a lifetime. For minimalist style, choose a thin band encrusted in diamonds, or for a modern twist choose a band that has diamonds spaced evenly embedded in the gold vermeil.

minimalist rings with diamonds
choosing a minimalist promise ring

If you're celebrating a milestone in your relationship, such as a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child, an eternity ring is the ideal gift. The meaning of eternity rings can be anything from the recommitment to your devotion to one another, or a meaning of your choice. As these rings tend to be given later in a relationship, your partner may already have rings that they wear on a daily basis. That's why opting for a minimalist ring is perfect. Minimalist rings fit effortlessly into stacks, and won't detract from statement engagement rings.

give the gift of a minimalist eternity ring
minimalist rings set with gemstones

Minimalist Rings at Monica Vinader

We have a range of minimalist rings ideal for stacking. For those wanting to experiment with other pieces of minimalist jewellery, why not try pairing your bands with our beautiful necklaces and bracelets. The simple chains will compliment your rings flawlessly.

What Makes Monica Vinader Special?

We are a contemporary jewellery brand that combines metals with vibrant gemstones. Our collection of layered necklaces, friendship bracelets, and engraved jewellery make perfect gifts for yourself or for a loved one. With a broad range of designs, we know you'll find something you adore.

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