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Christmas Jewellery: Shine Bright This Season

Christmas jewellery is the undisputed triumph of any festive outfit. Just like the star on top of your tree, the right pieces can beautifully complete any look and tie the ensemble together. Christmas is all about the sparkle, making it the perfect chance to pull off those statement pieces you've had your eye on all year.

What Makes the Perfect Christmas Jewellery?

Festive trends have long been all about glitter and glitz, and styling your Christmas jewellery is no exception. Making a statement - or several - with your accessories will amplify your look for any end of year party. Our 18ct gold vermeil jewellery is a year-long staple but will bring out your inner star beneath the glinting Christmas lights. If you're more inclined to sterling silver pieces, our elegant range is sure to make you shine under every spotlight.

Be the Style Inspiration of Every Christmas Party

For those taking advantage of the festive season to treat yourself, we've got you covered. Look no further than our guide for all your Christmas jewellery styling.

Diamonds are for Life, Not Just for Christmas

Christmas is the ideal time to finally buy that special accessory you've spent all year lusting after. Diamond jewellery can be effortlessly styled across the year, not just during the festive season. Ethical diamonds capture the light just perfectly to add the right amount of glitz to any look, and bring out your inner sparkle. They're flawless for Christmas shopping with your friends or dressing to the nines for a night under the lights.

Be Bold This Christmas in Statement Earrings

There's no better time than Christmas to work striking earrings into any outfit. The bolder the better! A pair of eye-catching earrings will add new life to even the simplest of outfits. If you're not looking to revamp your wardrobe with all things glitter, they're a great alternative for instant glitz. Some dazzling cocktail earrings are perfect for any event and offer just the right balance of glamour and elegance. For a modern look, a curated ear stack complete with silver or gold ear cuffs is certain to draw heads at any party.

Add a Touch of Sparkle to Your Look with Rings

Adorning your fingers with some gorgeous rings can be a great way to inject some festive spirit into your Christmas jewellery looks. Whether it's something bold to wear alone or a lovingly curated stack, our collection offers plenty of options for yuletide styling. Statement rings are fabulous for adding a pop of colour or staying on-trend with a chunky metal finish. Alternatively, stacking rings can beautifully carry precious and semi-precious stones to really take your party outfits to the next level. Rings also make for a wonderful, traditional gift sure to leave any lucky recipient feeling merry and bright.

Showcase Your Christmas Outfit with Necklaces

A gold necklace can elevate any Christmas outfit instantly. Even with the absence of matching jewellery, a twinkling gold or silver necklace can easily be the standout of any look. Textured necklaces make a stunning focal point and are especially dramatic when reflecting all those seasonal party lights.

Our engraved necklaces make a great choice when buying Christmas jewellery, both for yourself or a loved one. Adding a festive star motif is reminiscent of Christmas decorations whilst remaining perfect for year round wear. The engraving services we provide are a complimentary addition to many pieces in our collection, making it ideal for creating sentimental gifts to cherish forever.

Celebrate in Style with Beautiful Bracelets

Bracelets are a versatile accessory and can be a staple in your Christmas jewellery rotation. As well as looking gorgeous, jewellery is at its best when it reflects the individuality of the person wearing it. Charm bracelets are the ultimate example of this. They make a strong statement perfect for the party season, all whilst being uniquely customisable. Our charms are well suited to gift-giving or simply treating yourself. For a more minimal look, shining bangles are the way to go when styling your jewellery this Christmas. Still with that distinctive shine that will carry you from day to night wear, these bracelets give a clean look to add polish to an outfit.

Christmas Gifting with Personalised Jewellery

There's nothing more thoughtful than a personalised gift, and no gift more sentimental than personalised jewellery. Let your loved ones know how much you love them with our range of customisable pieces.

Colourful birthstone jewellery is an always popular choice. It's an excellent choice for uniting someone special with the lucky traits associated with their birth month's gem. Alternatively, choose pieces with stones in their favourite colour to show how well you understand their individual tastes.

Our range also features plenty of items to create unique engraved jewellery. From a special date to an important star sign, you can design an accessory that is in equal parts meaningful and gorgeous.

Monica Vinader's Sustainable Jewellery

We are proud to bring you stunning, ethical jewellery fit for any occasion. Using natural gemstones, recycled sterling silver and ethically-sourced diamonds, we create modern pieces to enhance your own style. From beautiful pendants to birthstone bracelets, our collection has something for everyone.

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