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An Essential Guide to Diamond Shapes

A diamond's shape is its most distinguishable feature. It is what provides character to each gem. As a precious gemstone, diamonds can bring sentiment to any occasion. Their uniqueness and class is what makes the wearer feel special time and time again. Whether for a birthday, proposal or wedding, deciding on the shape is the first step. Let us guide you through the ten diamond shapes to make the process easier.

Diamond Shapes vs Diamond Cuts

Diamond shapes and cuts are used interchangeably within the industry. The terms may seem the same but there is a difference. The shape of the diamond often refers to the outline of the gem as a whole. Whereas a diamond cut is associated with the facets, symmetry and reflective qualities

Factors of how the diamond is cut, such as deep, dull or shallow, do not affect the overall shape of a diamond. For example, if you had a heart shaped gem in your diamond jewellery, it could have a shallow cut but would still be heart shaped.

Sourcing Our Ethical Diamonds

Regardless of diamond shape, we ensure all of our precious gemstones are ethically sourced. To ensure this, we take two factors into account.

  1. Checking that our suppliers follow the commitments of the Kimberley Process. This organisation issues certificates for diamonds, which helps track them from mine to market. This process is a big step towards reducing the amount of conflict diamonds in the industry.
  2. The second stage of our commitment is checking our suppliers are following The World Diamond Council's System of Warranties. Having this guarantee is another way we can be sure that stones sold follow standards set in the Kimberley Process.

Types of Diamond Shapes

When it comes to buying everyday diamonds, the sentiment behind it could be very personal. Birthdays, graduations and proposals are among the top occasions for discovering diamonds. So whatever the event, whether you are treating a loved one or yourself, knowing the different diamond shapes can help make the selection easier.

round diamonds can be added to jewelry such as bracelets
earrings can have different diamond shapes set in them

Round Diamond Shape

The classic round diamond shape is also known as the 'round brilliant cut'. This breathtaking diamond shape is one of the most popular designs for its intense sparkle. With over 56 facets, light is able to reflect beautifully, displaying tiny rainbows to the wearer. As one of the most popular diamond designs, this shape is sought after for engagement rings, diamond necklaces and diamond earrings.

Princess Cut

The princess cut can be found as another popular diamond ring choice or engagement ring. The diamond shape itself can be formed in a square or rectangle. Square being highly sought after. Each diamond has many qualities, this one being environmental. It can be classed as environmental, as it uses up to 80% of the rough diamond, meaning less is wasted.

Cushion Diamond Shape

The cushion diamond shape has similar characteristics to the princess cut, since both are traditionally square. What varies between the two is that a cushion diamond has romantic, rounded, square corners. The appeal is that it's an elegant design with a modern twist, perfect in delicate diamond bracelets.

Pear Diamond Shape

Pear diamond shape can be extremely unique. Which could be why many opt for this style as a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. The shape of the diamond itself resembles a teardrop. It is this unique design which can help you identify this diamond amongst the rest. Being more on the artistic side, the pear diamond shape allows light to dance through its 58 facets with ease. The wearer also has the option of which way they want the teardrop point to face. These endless opportunities are what makes the pear shape a beautiful diamond gift.

pear diamonds are beautiful in rings
diamond shapes can all be unique

Emerald Cut

The emerald diamond shape oozes modern luxury. Not only can this shape be used for diamonds, but can also be replicated in semi-precious gemstones too. This style is a gorgeous cut to really emphasise the color of the stone. In a color chart diamonds can vary from colorless to colored. At Monica Vinader we use H color diamonds in a range of our pieces.

Radiant Diamond Shape

A radiant diamond is often associated as being one of the shiniest stones. It acquired its nickname due to having 70 facets all being able to reflect light perfectly. Combining the best aspects of a round diamond and an emerald diamond, this dazzling stone sits beautifully within gold jewelry.

Asscher Diamond Cut

An asscher diamond is truly a timeless piece. Developed in 1902, the unique design of the asscher presents a soft glow due to the step-cut facets. It is for this reason, this shape is often understated in the diamond industry. Featuring curved edges its most similar style is the emerald design but has clear distinctions. One being the surface area is slightly larger. This diamond shape is beautiful among all types of metal including rose gold and silver jewelry.

Marquise Cut

The marquise diamond can often be called by other nicknames. A range being boat or eye cut. This is represented by the diamond's two-ended points. As an intriguing shape, it could be set in a number of pieces, including layering necklaces. The bold design would be a perfect centrepiece to these necklace types.

different diamond shapes can create stunning pieces of jewelry
earrings can feature various diamond shapes which makes them beautiful

Oval Shape

The oval shaped diamond is an elongated version of the brilliant round. What is attractive about this diamond is you have the qualities of a round diamond while having a bigger surface area. The benefit of this elongated diamond can create the illusion of longer, thinner fingers. An aspect many love when wearing multiple stacking rings.

Heart Shaped Diamond

Representing a symbol of love, the heart shaped diamond is one that can be set perfectly in rings and pendants. Often this shape is chosen solely on personal preference. A tip when purchasing this style is symmetry. A brilliant heart shaped diamond should be symmetrical on both sides. Getting this right could ensure your diamond came from the hands of great craftsmanship.

About Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader was founded in 2008 and creates a selection of wearable jewelry. This is possible by collaborating demi-fine jewelry and fashion together. The outcome is that the wearer has pieces that look gorgeous and will last a lifetime. Our commitments to sustainability have also been recognised and we have been Positive Luxury Certified. The Butterfly Mark accreditation represents all the hard work and effort we put in to ensuring our materials and gems are ethically sourced.

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