How We Make Our Jewellery

Bringing each of our original designs to life is a journey. We start with inspiration, we pore over the details and we never stop striving for the best quality. We want you to love wearing every piece we make as much as we love creating them. Here's a little back story to make you fall in love that little bit more.


Our inspiration comes from a number of places - from art and architecture to travel and nature. Monica builds a moodboard with the team as the first step before...


...the sketch book comes out and Monica starts bringing the ideas to life - from simple outlines to full colour drawings - this is where the magic happens! We then do as much as we can in the studio to refine and edit our designs; from 3D printing and checking rings will stack, to using our local Silversmith in Norfolk to achieve the right 'look and feel' before we send the final design spec to be made.


We work with a number of family-run workshops across the globe that are home to the talented artisans that handcraft each and every element of our pieces. From hand selecting and hand cutting gemstones, to hand weaving friendship bracelets and hand stitching leather.


Each design is then rigorously checked for its quality. From casting rubber molds and wear testing, to ensuring we have the correct certification and quality stamps. We make sure you get only the finest quality in every sense of the word!

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