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Engraving FAQs

Is engraving available on the Monica Vinader website?
We offer a complimentary engraving service for select products purchased online. Engraving options vary depending on the style of your preferred piece. You can choose from our range of character fonts and motifs, or have your own doodles and handwriting engraved.

Is engraving available in Monica Vinader stores and concessions?
We offer complimentary engraving in-store at the following locations:
• Chelsea boutique
• Mayfair boutique
• Canary Wharf boutique
• Selfridges London
• Selfridges Manchester
• Selfridges Birmingham

• Harrods
Our master hand engravers are also available in stores on certain dates. Having your jewellery engraved by hand allows you to etch messages in unique spaces, such as the inside of a ring. Contact your nearest store for more information on master engraving events.

How will I know if an item on the Monica Vinader website can be engraved?
All pieces that can be engraved are marked with an 'Engrave This Item' symbol on their product page. Engraved pieces can also be found via our top navigation panel under JEWELLERY - ENGRAVED and PERSONALISE - ENGRAVE YOUR JEWELLERY.

Can I return an engraved item?
Engraved items are non-returnable/non-refundable.

Who will engrave my jewellery?
All online orders are engraved by our team using a hand-operated machine at our head office in Norfolk, UK.
All purchases from the stores listed below can be engraved in-store by a staff member, using a hand-operated machine, or by a master engraver.
• Chelsea boutique
• Mayfair boutique
• Canary Wharf boutique
• Selfridges London
• Selfridges Manchester
• Selfridges Birmingham
• Harrods

Can I engrave a Monica Vinader piece after I have purchased it?
As long as the piece is listed under the 'Engraved' category on our website, or confirmed by our master engravers in-store, then pre-purchased Monica Vinader items can be engraved. Please visit your local store or contact Customer Care to arrange for an engraving.

Can I have jewellery from a brand other than Monica Vinader engraved?
We can only engrave items purchased from Monica Vinader.

How do I get an item engraved? 
To engrave an item on our website:
• Select the item you would like to engrave
• Click the 'Engrave This Item' button (a pop-up will appear)
• Select the part of the item you want to engrave (options appear in the pop-up)
• Choose your characters, font and font size to engrave a message
• Choose a motif and motif size if available / desired
• Draw or upload your doodle if available / desired
• Once you are happy with your engraving click the 'Add To Bag' button
• A pop-up will appear showing that your engraved item has been added to your bag

You can also have your MV jewellery engraved at the following locations:
• Chelsea boutique
• Mayfair boutique
• Canary Wharf boutique
• Selfridges London
• Selfridges Manchester

• Selfridges Birmingham
• Harrods

How much does engraving cost?
All engraving is free of charge.

How long does it take?
Delivery time is the same for engraved pieces as for all other purchases.

What can and can't be engraved on my jewellery?
The following can be engraved:
• Characters in the following fonts: Simple, Bold, Deco, Script and Arabic. Use these to engrave your name, initials, birthday, messages.
• Motifs, from the selection available on www.monicavinader.com
• Doodles can be drawn online or uploaded as a JPG or PNG file (Please see our Doodle guidelines below)

The following cannot be engraved:
• Inappropriate language
• Offensive symbols
• A combination of symbols and text in the same location
• All languages - only English and Arabic can be engraved
• All fonts - only the fonts available on our website can be engraved (Simple, Bold, Deco, Script, Arabic)

Doodle DOs & DON'Ts:
• Do think about scale. If possible, draw your doodle to fit a piece of paper sized 14cm x 9cm
• Do create simple line drawings
• Don't include shading or fill
• Don't submit complicated drawing or images
Please click here for engraving inspiration.

Can I engrave extra characters?
The character limit for each item varies depending on font size and product type, but cannot be changed.

Can I engrave a combination of motifs and text?
You can engrave a combination of motifs and text in the same location, e.g. text with a heart symbol on the Fiji bar.

Can I engrave any piece of jewellery?
Only a selection of bracelets and pendants can be engraved online. These pieces have an 'Engrave This Item' button on their product pages, and can be found listed in our 'Engraved' category. In stores, our master engravers are able to engrave a wider range of pieces by hand. Please contact Customer Care or your local store for more information.

Can I engrave my bracelet on the inside of the bar?
The following bracelets can be engraved on the inside of the bar:
• Havana Friendship
• Bali Friendship
• Esencia Friendship
• Esencia Chain

Where can I send my doodle?
After clicking the 'Engrave This Item' button on your product's page, select 'Doodle' from the menu on the right. Now, using your mouse (PC) or your finger (touch screens and tablets) you can draw, erase or reset your doodle in the space available. You may also upload your doodle as a JPEG or PDF by clicking the 'Upload' button on the doodle page. Please ensure your file size is below 500KB.