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in Norfolk with Kim Jones

Meet Kim Jones, stylist, photographer & curious traveller. Kim stars in our Spring/Summer 2017 campaign wearing stacks of brightly coloured friendship bracelets. Discover Kim's journey from a corporate world into modelling, her ear piercing obsession and the treasures she collects.

You started out in the corporate world of banking and now work in one of the most creative industries. What gave you the confidence and the drive to make that career change?

Slight desperation. I pursued a corporate career because I thought my main priority was stability. As it turns out, stability and security drive me a little bit insane. It sounds cliché but I had developed a hunger for challenge and a push outside of my comfort zone. I was blessed to have been given the opportunity by my employer to explore that by means of extended leave which meant I could travel for a bit and see if what I was looking for lie outside the world of banking.

Where did you go first and what opportunities presented themselves to help you get to where you are?

I wanted a culture shock, I'd never left the country prior to my leaving. Australia will always be my home but I wanted to be uncomfortable, I wanted to be challenged. It was either the UK or the Philippines but I chose the country that I knew less about. I bought a one way ticket and hoped for the best. I was thrust into the world of modelling and commercials - as is quite common among young travellers exploring the Philippines. Although a good many of the projects make me cringe now, it gave me invaluable training in production, marketing, retail and experience in front of the camera - all of which I still use today.

Kim Jones, captured on set in Norfolk for the Monica Vinader SS17 campaign.

Shooting the SS17 collections with Stylist Kim Jones and Editor Carmen Borgonovo.

Tell us the most memorable moment in that journey?

Getting knocked back repeatedly for jobs and waiting for hours for castings in order to pay my dues. I remember my first job was being cast as an extra on a TV commercial and having to spend twenty-something hours on set for $30 and then being so excited to see my first project come out only to learn my ridiculously unimportant part had been cut out. An experience like that will serve a nice slice of humble pie.

You have had exposure to a variety of cultures growing up being Filipino/British and living in Australia for many years. How do you think these cultures have helped to shape you?

I will forever be indebted to Australia and the UK for giving me my education and providing an environment for a wonderful upbringing. I will forever be grateful that the Philippines gave opportunity to be someone with little experience and allowed me to grow my passions in a challenging but nurturing environment.

What's your go to jewellery piece; a necklace, rings or earrings?

I like the subtlety of earrings, it's the one piece of jewellery that I never take off.

How do you use jewellery to change an outfit?

I prefer to invest in key pieces that eventually I can hand down to the next generation - jewellery is so wonderfully nostalgic in that sense, so I go for pieces that I can layer to carry me through any kind of event.

How do you incorporate colour into your jewellery wardrobe?

I incorporate colours into my jewellery wardrobe in subtle bursts; I like my accessories to emphasise and accent the entire look.

An armful of colourful friendship bracelets including the new Linear Chain, Stone and classic cord pieces.

Kim styles our new Nura earrings, launching in March 2017.

How many ear piercings do you have, and when did you decide to do them all? All at once, or one by one?

I have about eight of them now and strangely find myself wanting more. My first piercings were as a toddler and then I just indulged and got the rest of them at once while on in San Francisco. I like the simple elegance of really beautiful studs paired with more dramatic pieces.

What's one tip you'd give someone on how to create great personal style?

Dress for yourself. Fashion and style shouldn't be homogenised, it should be unique and expressive.

Other than jewellery (of course) what do you collect?

Pre-loved penguin classics. It's an addiction. You'd be surprised at how these classics from a particular country will give insight into their culture - no matter how old the stories are they still read as timeless and relevant to today.

What's your typical Saturday night?

Ideally spent at home with a good book enjoying a little piece and quiet. I've dedicated some of my time when travelling to searching for and collecting pre-loved classics and working my way through them one by one. Right now I'm on to some Plato - I should be done in a year or two.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given about your career?

The passion is in the pursuit. A producer once told me that what you do in your free time by choice is probably what you should do for your job. It sounds obvious but it took me a while to figure out what that was.

What can transform a day for you, from one fraught with work/life dramas into a special moment?

An evening conversation over whisky and a good meal with my significant other.

What's your next engraving on an MV piece?

Perhaps the date that I first embarked on this crazy journey; the day I arrived in the Philippines.


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