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Meet Yael Steren, a lawyer who took a leap of faith, followed her passion and entered the world of fashion. Discover her experiences as a dresser at Fashion Week, her effortlessly feminine style and her tips on how to wear diamonds...

You began your career in law, in the competitive landscape of New York City but took a leap of faith into the fashion industry working as a fashion week dresser, personal stylist and blogger. What was it like starting a-new and why did you decide to make this bold step?

I'm not going to lie, it was scary, but I was also super excited to finally be pursuing my true passion. Practicing law didn't truly excite me. Fashion on the other hand I could discuss all day long, every day, and never get bored! I got to a certain age and I felt if I don't take this risk now, it will never happen. I gave myself one year to start turning a profit. If one year passed and I hadn't started making a profit, I would re-think my decision. Thankfully, that decision never had to be made.

How would you express your individuality and fashion sense in the corporate world? What advice do you now give clients seeking to do this?

A lot of my clients, and people in general, have this misconception that corporate attire has to be boring. That's certainly not the case. Even if you have to wear a suit every day, why not pick a suit that has pinstripes or some interesting details? I also loved to play with accessories when I was practicing law. I always had great shoes on, carried a great bag, and wore interesting jewellery.

Tell us what New York Fashion Week is like behind the scenes?

Chaotic! Now that NYFW is no longer at Bryant Park and shows take place at various venues, a lot of time is spent in a car attempting to beat traffic and get to the show on time. Inevitably, the weather is also usually extremely hot or extremely cold, which of course, makes it more challenging to decide on an outfit. That being said, there is always a great energy in New York during Fashion Week, and it's truly special.

Yael captured on the busy streets of SoHo, New York

What are the key considerations you undertake when meeting with a new client?

It varies depending on what the client needs. If a client is hiring me because they don't like their style and want an overhaul, the most important factor to me is that they are truly ready for a change and willing to embrace the experience. It's hard to explain, but I can gauge pretty well when speaking on the phone with a potential client if we are going to work well together.

What wisdom do you impart to clients on styling jewellery and accessories?

Don't be afraid to play around, for example, why not mix gold and silver jewellery? Or try something unexpected? Recently, I've been really into pairing a big necklace with a bandana. That being said, I always think there should be one main focal point of the outfit. So if you are going to wear a really amazing necklace, then your earrings should be more subdued. You don't want parts of your outfit competing with one another.

How would you style diamonds for an everyday casual look?

Diamonds go with anything. If you want your look to be more casual, then throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, put on the diamonds and you're all set!

Where do you go for something luxe and special?

This a tough question! To me, the brands that exude luxury are Chanel, Saint Laurent, Celine, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik; basically all the major designers. Specific sites that do a great job curating these types of luxury items are Net-a-Porter, Forward by Elyse Walker, Moda Operandi and Luisaviaroma just to name a few.

Personal Stylist Yael Steren photographed in New York

Yael stacks the iconic Signature bangle in 18ct Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver

Describe your own personal style. How has it evolved in your years of living in New York?

My personal style can best be described as effortless femininity. I actually wrote a blog post on this topic and here's what I had to say:

“Whether I’m sporting a more casual look or wearing a fancy dress, my outfits always have two traits in common – they are effortless and feminine. So, what do I mean by effortless? Not-fussy or overwrought (picture the real housewives of the OC, and now imagine the complete opposite of that). Let’s add in the feminine component. While I certainly love lace and ‘girlie’ pieces, to me feminine style is more than that. It also encompasses being polished, classic, and timeless; think Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.”

Tell us a New York secret…

The bagels and pizza are just as amazing as people say they are!

If you could have anything engraved on a Monica Vinader bracelet, what would it be and why?

"I let go of fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me." I heard this quote from Louise Hay almost ten years ago and it still resonates with me. It seems so obvious and yet it's so easy to forget to do.


Discover Yael's blog here.

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