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Meet Sasha Bikoff, an interior designer and New York native with a love for antique jewelry, modern art and vintage furniture. Discover her Parisian inspired style and her most memorable project to date in the storied Dakota, an apartment which was previously owned by Judy Garland.

You began your Manhattan business early, and quickly proved your talent and skill as an interior designer. What is your advice to young aspiring professionals starting out?

Some people may have all the emotional and financial support in the world from family and friends, others may not. No matter what your situation is, you always have to keep your eyes on the prize and be the brand that you are trying to create. Believe in what you are doing so that others will believe too; passion and determination is contagious!

Your interiors are described as 'heavily influenced by the multicultural flavours of New York' where you have grown up. Is this true of your own personal style? Describe this for us…

Growing up in New York City gave me that urban edge, that kind of effortless cool you see in the city. However, spending time in Paris, and having always been in love with everything French, really shows in both my interior spaces and my personal style. I am a true lover of all the French fashion houses, particularly Azzedine Alaia, Chanel, and Hermes. I try and mix in these two elements in my personal style, which is also what I do as a designer. I am often wearing vintage Levi's, a Wolford body suit and a sparkly velvet Azzedine Alaia skirted coat with patent leather white and black Chanel loafers.

There are multiple accents of golds and metallics in your design work, do you have a preference for metals and stones in your jewelry?

I am typically attracted to gold jewellery; because of my Iranian heritage my skin tone works well with it. I love all kinds of coloured sapphires especially blue and pink ones and emeralds are also my favourite. I tend to go for the more whimsical, statement pieces. Jewellery is very important to me, especially antique jewellery. When I am traveling to flea markets and auctions I am always snagging some vintage jewellery. At the moment I love chokers.

Petra Cocktail earrings in Pink Quartz, styled by Sasha Bikoff.

Sasha style her Diamond Alphabet letters with longer stack of Marie, Naida and Ava pendants.


You are a dedicated supporter of modern art, curating pieces for your own store as well as in your home. Who are some of the New York artists to watch?

My favourite contemporary artist is Cecily Brown. Her work is sexual and feminine and is so painterly with the most beautiful colors. Her brushstrokes have so much fire and passion to them. She is a true master.

If you could go back in time and live in a different New York era, what would you pick and why?

I would live in New York during the Studio 54 disco era. I would be wearing Halston and Bill Blass. I would also be partying every night and dancing until the sun rises while wearing all sorts of glitter and metallic clothes and makeup.

You've decorated Judy Garland's former apartment at Dakota on the Upper West Side, summer houses in Montauk and even a historic Hunnewell estate home. Have you had a favorite project and why?

The Dakota is hands down my favourite project which is ironic because it was my first but also my best. It holds a very special place in my heart. I worked on that with my mom right after my grandmother passed away and right when she got diagnosed with cancer. It taught me that interiors go beyond the budgets and materiality but they help us and touch our hearts and make us happy and nostalgic. Your home is your oasis. It is a likeness of who you are and I really tried to create a special home you could only imagine in your dreams.

Sasha captured at Red Farm restaurant in New York.

How can we inject some New York glamour in to our own interiors?

Try sourcing some antiques and vintage pieces. Sprinkle them around your home and you will be shocked with what a difference it makes.

If you could have anything engraved on a Monica Vinader bracelet, what would it be?

It would be my mom's initials 'JSB'. I always like to me reminded of her, it is what gives me strength. Doing what I do alone can be hard and I am sure a lot of women feel the same way but having my mom as a reminder gives me strength to keep going.


Discover Sasha's website here.

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