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The Latest Gold Jewellery Trends in 2020

Gold jewellery will never go out of fashion. It has long been a sign of class and has adapted into so many beautiful styles and designs since being in existence.

With so many ways to style gold jewellery, it's always wise to keep up with the latest gold jewellery trends to see what's 'hot' and what's not. So, with help from inspiration from some of the worlds greatest designers and fashion shows, let's have a look at the latest gold jewellery trends to look out for 2020.


Gold comes in a huge variety of colours, but the most popular is yellow gold. These hues are often used for creating classic gold jewellery ranging from engagement rings to elegant sets of gold earrings, gold bracelets, and gold necklaces.


From hoops to long drop earrings, there are many inspiring oversized earring trends to focus on this year.

When it comes to styling classic yellow gold oversized earrings, we recommend going for the less is more approach. Afterall, oversized designs are a statement in themselves! From waved patterns to subtle diamond bands, there are many shapes to play with when it comes to styling these oversized statement pieces. Take our Alta Capture Charm Cocktail Earrings for example; they are the perfect pair of oversized drop earrings that fit in perfectly with 2020's gold jewellery trends.


If you like the elegant look which longer gold necklaces have when draping around the neck, you'll be pleased to know 2020 will spoil you with choices. Long, linear necklaces with pendants or charms are popular choices for casual attire, whereas those embellished with precious stones often accompany an evening look.

Speaking of beautiful long necklaces, we've recently launched famous lariat designs this year. Take a look at our Fiji Button Lariat Diamond Necklace to see this in action!


If you're a keen follower of jewellery trends, then we're sure you'll be aware of the rise of rose gold. Rose gold is a popular favourite amongst women looking to add a feminine touch to their look without going too overboard. And, not to mention - rose gold is an incredibly romantic colour, too. Read on to discover some of the go-to rose gold trends occurring in 2020.


Expect to see a lot more of chain link necklaces this season. What once used to be a questionable fashion trend is now one of the biggest around! Our Alta Capture Large Link necklace doesn't even need a pendant to stand out; the 18ct rose gold vermeil does all the talking.


Nothing radiates femininity and love quite like a rose gold ring. Whether you choose to stray from the traditional gold and silver for your wedding rings or just want to add a new everyday ring to your collection, rose gold is the metal to go for!

Here at Monica Vinader, you can find a huge selection of non-traditional rose gold engagement and wedding rings, as well as eternity rings and rose gold cocktail rings. Rose gold isn't just a passing trend, and the sooner you add this unique type of gold to your collection, the more fun you'll have.


Jewellery trends are always evolving, but there's one thing which will stay the same. The popularity of gold jewellery.

Whether you're intrigued by the oversized earrings trend or would prefer to go solo with a long dainty necklace, there are lots of looks to experiment with this year. And, when you shop with Monica Vinader, you can rest assured knowing you'll have only the highest quality gold jewellery in your collection.

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