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9 Wedding Bracelets to Consider for the Big Day

Wedding bracelets make up just one important detail of the big day. When it comes to a wedding, there's little more exciting than choosing what to wear. Whether you're the bride, a member of the bridal party, or attending the big day. We guide you through 9 wedding bracelets to find inspiration for accessorising on the happy occasion.


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Wedding Bracelets for the Bride

As the bride, you'll be the centre of attention all day. Choosing your wedding jewellery is an exciting part of the whole occasion. Adoring the right wedding bracelets can instil confidence and illuminate you on your big day. Bracelets are an essential detail, especially if you have chosen a dress with short sleeves, and want to show off your wrists as you glide across the dancefloor. Jewellery can help you feel the most beautiful, ready to smile and greet loved ones, and take this exciting next step in you and your partner's lives.

Shimmer in Pearls

Pearls are a natural choice for your wedding day, featuring a luminous shimmer and a rainbow lustre. These stones represent femininity, and bring a calming presence to your look. Being naturally pale white in hue, they inspire thoughts of beautiful nuptials, and tie in beautifully with a classic wedding gown. Perfect from morning light to dancing all night long, alluring freshwater pearls are sure to suit every bride.

The ornate shimmer of pearls complements the warm hues of gold jewellery, sure to inspire romance on your special day. For those who prefer a more subtle effect, the cool tones of silver jewellery are sure to align with your marriage attire. To heighten the romance on your special day, rose gold jewellery has rosey pink hues sure to inspire love all around.

Sparkle in Diamonds

Your wedding day is the perfect day to feel special in every way. Your wedding bracelets should be no exception. Diamond jewellery is the perfect way to centre yourself as the height of beauty. The classic stone symbolises eternal love, perfect to represent your commitment. Your wedding bracelets will reflect light and make you dazzle on your big day. No matter how you wear them, ethical diamonds are one way to make this magical event even more special. From walking down the aisle, to the first dance, these precious gemstones will glint and shine at every moment. The shining stone will reflect the beauty of your ensemble, whether a classic white gown, or something more unique.

Something Blue Wedding Bracelets

The classic saying can weigh on your mind as you prepare for your wedding. With gemstones, your wedding bracelet can be your something new and your something blue! With a myriad of blue semi-precious gemstones and beads to choose from, you can tailor your special piece to you or your partner. Select a stone with a meaning, from darker hues like lapis, or kyanite. Opt for lighter, pastel tones with turquoise, aquamarine, or blue lace agate. Whatever your preferred shade, we have wedding bracelets sure to make a statement.

Sentimental Engravings

Your wedding bracelets will mean the most if they hold meaningful sentiment. You'll treasure the jewellery you wear down the aisle after the big day, but it can be even more magical. Engraved jewellery is the perfect way to take a sentimental note with you into your marriage. Etch the date to mark the occasion for years to come, your partner's name, or a loved one who may not be with you still. That way, your engraved bracelet will hold special meaning as it sits on your wrist at your side all day. However you choose to engrave your wedding bracelet, you are sure to feel even more connected to your jewellery.

Best Dressed Guest Bracelets

Attending a wedding is a magical occasion, and dressing up for the big day can be full of inspiring excitement. Curate a glamorous look with our wedding bracelets sure to help you look the part.

Staple Chain Bracelets

Whether the nuptials are of a friend or family, a classic choice are chain bracelets. Their design made from individual links is the perfect base to pair with your outfit, no matter your style. These wedding bracelets are an effortless way to create an eclectic look, from pairing with chain necklaces to mixing metals. There is no wrong way to adorn these stylish accessories, so you're sure to make an entrance as your loved ones tie the knot.

Personalised Charms

There are few ways to feel more connected to an event than with wedding bracelets that hold special sentiment. With charm bracelets, you can add pendants and charms unique to you and the big day. A magical way to mark the occasion is to add a birthstone for each of the happy couple to your wedding bracelet. Or, you could have their initials dangling from your wrist. That way, you'll have a meaningful bracelet to hold dear, on the day and for years to come.

Everyday Cord Bracelets

Wedding bracelets are ideal for nuptials at any time of year. From a magical winter wedding, to a bright summer ceremony, you can pair your jewellery with your outfit no matter the temperature. Cord bracelets allow you to align your accessories with the colours in your outfit. Red cords evoke luck, whilst silver inspires success, so you can truly dedicate your wedding bracelet to the happy couple as you wear it. These friendship bracelets have modern designs sure to set you apart from the crowd, and hold magical sentiment for you and your loved ones on their special day.

Classic Bangles

For those who prefer a more subtle wardrobe, you can amp up the drama with bangles. Their versatility means you can select a delicate or statement wedding bracelet to slide onto your wrist. With their solid design, a bangle looks glamorous on everyone, no matter your style.

Dramatic Cuffs

Another style of wedding bracelet to adorn on the magical event are cuff bracelets. With an open design, this modern twist on the classic bangle is an effortless way to make an outfit more striking. These silver or gold wedding bracelets are sure to make a statement. Keep the cuff theme going with ear cuffs, for a dramatic addition to your look without the need for a piercing. Made to flawlessly accentuate your wedding bracelets.

align your wedding wardrobe with a cord bracelet for the big day
gold and silver cuffs and bangles make the perfect wedding bracelets

Styling Your Wedding Jewellery

There is no wrong way to style wedding bracelets. No matter your taste, the theme of the wedding, or what time of year the nuptials take place, you can experiment with your jewellery and have fun. An effortless way to style your wedding bracelet is by creating a stacking bracelet set. You can also incorporate different accessories with wedding earrings for a seamless effect to your jewellery. Matching the metals of your wedding bracelet with your rings and necklaces is sure to inspire an effortless coordinated look, perfect for the big day.

Sustainable Jewellery from Monica Vinader

At Monica Vinader we combine contemporary jewellery with sustainability. We use ethical stones and recycled metals to create helix earrings, stacking rings, and men's jewellery sure to instil style inspiration.

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