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Symbols speak louder than words. Well we think they do. Whether it's something that brings you luck or protection, or that holds sentimental value - the amulet has a vibrant history steeped in self-expression.

Drawing inspiration from the evil eyes and hamsa hands of the ancient Middle East, the Atlantis collection harnesses the symbolic power of jewellery to the max. With an exciting new take on these historical symbols, vibrant hand cut gemstones evoke protection and good fortune with a touch of contemporary charm.


Symbolising the 'Hand of God' and deep spiritualism, the powerful Hamsa Hand hails from the ancient Middle East. Revered worldwide as one of the most powerful symbols of protection, it's known to bring its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune (yes please!). Depending on where you are, you might also have heard it called the Hamesh, Chamsa or Khamas - but rest assured, they all hold the same power!


Take a step back in time to Ancient Greece and you'll quickly come across the Evil Eye, though it pops up in the Middle East,and even in the bible too. Many cultures have their own version of the Evil Eye, with a diverse range of beliefs.

When it comes to warding off the spiritual malevolent forces of the world, we think there's no better charm than the Evil Eye. Many cultures call upon the symbol for protection and as the power and wisdom of life is seen through the eye, it's no wonder this symbol is one of our favourites.


From balancing Amazonite to Pink Quartz for resilience - the healing power of gemstones have been harnessed for millennia. We're big fans of those that are vibrantly coloured, with each gemstone being cut by hand for unique jewellery pieces with unique meanings.

Our gemstones are sourced from all corners of the globe - from Brazil to India, Canada to Russia and China to Madagascar. Every gemstone used in our Atlantis collection is completely unique, because we only use genuine, ethically sourced gemstones. Selected by hand, cut from the rough, and hand checked to our exacting specifications - ensuring that each piece of jewellery (especially those symbols!) look as good as they feel.


Luck. Protection. Energy. Yes, you can have them all - especially if you like a stack! Mix and match symbols and gemstones, or go all out with your favourite to build a look that's bursting with energy.

Powerful Atlantis symbols will be landing next week! Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page (if you haven't already), to be the first to shop the collection and start building your symbol story.

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