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The Best Types of Hoop Earrings for Your Piercing

With many different types of hoop earrings to suit all occasions, finding the perfect pair for your piercing can make you feel more put together. Without a doubt you have your classic of huggies and large hoops, but how about adding a charm or two for a pop of colour or added texture? However you want to express your style, find the right type of hoop earrings for your look and feel glamorous at every moment of the day.

Table of Contents:

  • How Many Different Types of Hoop Earrings Are There?
  • 5 Types of Hoop Earrings
  • Hoop Earrings in Solid Gold, Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil
  • How to Style Different Types of Hoop Earrings

How Many Different Types of Hoop Earrings Are There?

There are at least five different types of hoop earrings to discover for your piercings. Each one can have its own characteristics and elevate your look in a different way.

As one of the most sought after types of gold earrings to choose, hoops have this type of power which can make anyone feel polished and put together. Whether you work from home and want to add a touch of glamour to your calls or you're attending cocktails with friends, understanding the different types of gold hoop earrings can make building out your collection easier.

5 Types of Hoop Earrings

If you are new to hoop earrings and looking for your first pair, a good starting point is choosing a classic style which is clean and wearable from morning to night. These types of hoop earrings can then be the foundation which you grow your collection from. Expanding into more textures, sizes and materials, the versatility of these earrings is unmatched. Uncover our five favourite types of hoops below.

Huggie Hoop Earrings

Huggie hoop earrings are a modern classic which should be added to any jewellery box. As a delicate design, these stylish mini hoop earring types can sit snug around your lobe, almost "hugging" the ear. It is from the way they sit in the piercing, they received their name. If you have a lower lobe piercing, these types of hoop earrings are often favoured to provide subtle, yet beautiful glamour for any occasion.

Chunky Hoop Earrings

Chunky hoop earrings are next on our list, and for good reason. Their bold look can capture the attention of the room, and accentuate your look instantly. No matter if you are rocking a minimalistic outfit, or smart workwear, chunky hoop earrings can make you stand out from the crowd. Our Siren and Deia chunky ear stack feature a range of these hoop earring types, in different sizes for you to style. Whatsmore, the hoops in this set have been hammered by hand to add a fine texture, which adds another dimension to your finished look.

Large Hoop Earrings

Large hoop earrings can be seen as more of a bold fashion statement in comparison to their smaller alternatives. Often featured in a lower lobe ear piercing, large hoop earrings can be the star accessory to your look. Due to their size, if you have additional ear piercings, you may want to partner these types of earrings with subtle studs or smaller huggies to ensure they are the main feature to your ear stack.

Charm Hoop Earrings

The addition of earring charms to your different types of hoops can provide another dimension to your look. From bold, statement colours with the addition of ethical gemstones, such as green onyx or turquoise, to classic diamonds for a subtle touch of glamour. However you choose to accessorise, these types of silver hoop earrings can be the finishing touch to any outfit.

Mini Huggie Earrings

Similar to a traditional huggie, mini huggie earrings are as the name suggests - smaller versions of their counterparts. These types of hoop earrings sit quite snug to the ear lobe, giving them the 'hugged' effect we all love. As their size can range from between 9 and 10 millimetres, these hoops can be great stacking earrings for your piercings.

Hoop Earrings in Solid Gold, Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil

With all the different types of hoop earrings to choose from, one of the most important aspects is to choose your favourite metal. Gold jewellery can effortlessly provide warming tones to your style to suit any occasion, while sterling silver is subtle glamour that can transition an outfit from day to night. Our collections of hoops and huggie earrings are available in 18ct gold vermeil, rose gold, and sterling silver.

How to Style Different Types of Hoop Earrings

You've now discovered a new type of hoop earring and are wondering how to style it with your existing or soon to be ear piercings? Well achieving the stacked ear look of your dreams is only a step away.

  • Lower lobe - As a traditional piercing to first experience for many, the lower lobe can be the most versatile for hoop earrings. Whichever style of hoop you choose, from large to mini huggies, the lower lobe can accommodate them all.
  • Upper lobe - Sitting comfortably above the lower lobe, is the upper lobe piercing. This location can also be versatile for different types of hoop earrings. However, when creating a stacked look, you may want to consider small hoops or medium hoop earrings to accentuate a statement earring in your lobe.
  • Higher lobe - Located slightly higher in your ear, closer to your cartilage, is the higher lobe piercing. Traditionally, people may choose the smallest hoop size for this piercing as it can complete a full stack. Delicate earrings may be the best option if you are choosing to pair with other sized types of hoops.
  • Cartilage - A cartilage piercing can also be referred to as a helix and sits in one of the firmest parts of your ear. Choosing small hoops or huggies are often preferred for this location, not only for subtle elegance, but also for comfort while sleeping. If you wear your jewellery to bed, sleeper earrings are the best type of hoop earrings to opt for.

If you are considering a new ear piercing to accommodate your favourite type of hoop earrings, book in with our expert team. At your appointment you'll be able to have up to three piercings on your lobe or cartilage and have guidance on the best aftercare.

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