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Meet Eve De Haan

As our Christmas windows are revealed today, we talk to the ever so talented Eve De Haan - the woman behind the incredible displays and the charmingly quirky @halfaroastchicken on Instagram - she's one to watch!

How did you get into creating artwork with Neon?

I've always been drawn to Neon as an art form. When I was studying at university I attended a neon workshop and fell in love with how neon is so fragile yet so powerful at the same time. I became fascinated with how neon as a medium can accentuate the gradients of a meaning within a statement.

Who are your creative inspirations?

I am inspired every day by conversations, people around me, signage, memes! But in terms of other artists, I adore Martin creed, Martin parr, Tracey Emin, Lori Hersberger + Jenny Holzer.

What is the favourite thing about your job?

I love how every day is different. I love the process of having an idea and actualising it into something physical, I feel like I'm an inventor. The other thing I love about my job is seeing some of my artwork put smiles on people's faces; it's easy to focus on the negative in this social climate, but it's more beautiful to focus on the light.

How did you come up with the creative inspiration for the Monica Vinader windows?

I wanted to create a body of work that made you 'feel good'. All the phrases I have used are based on the idea of someone having a conversation with you; to encourage you to self-reflect. I hope this body of work encourages the viewer to internalise a few nice words.

What are your favourite Monica Vinader jewellery pieces?

I love the classic friendship bracelets. I'm a sucker for the Fiji hoop earrings, they go with everything!

Want to see our windows in all their glory? Find a store near you here.

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