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Meet Alatheia Bowling; Digital Creative Consultant, mother of three and Disneyland lover! Discover her tips for creating a beautiful social media feed, her West Coast style and her favourite clients.

You specialise in developing social media strategies and personal branding for celebrities. What tips do you have for mere mortals in building a beautiful social media and online presence to be proud of?

Social media has become one of the most important, if not THE most important- tool we have in communicating with our peers, colleagues and family. It is of the upmost importance to retain a very respectful presence on social media, one with integrity. I also appreciate when a person or brand's social media is thoughtful, beautiful and shares meaningful, authentic, smart content. It can be a tool used for great good, or I'm afraid it has also become a double edged sword and we will leave it at that.

Do you have a favourite client? If so, why?

I have several favorite clients. Karolina Kurkova has provided me with many unforgettable moments that only a supermodel of her calibre could afford. Working with Karolina, my fashion experiences were dreams come true. Cornelia Guest is a legend. Her stories are unbelievably interesting, her friends and parties are for the history books. Staying at her parents' home, Templeton, was something I will never forget. If those walls could talk! Working with Baz Luhrmann and wife, Catherine Martin - aka - CM, was a personal favorite as well. I am such a big fan of their work, it was hard to keep my cool.

What's the best piece of career advice you were given when building your own business? And what's the best piece of advice you would pass on to others?

My family is from the south and so many pieces of advice have a tinge of religious overtone, but some of my favorites that certainly ring true are:

God helps those who help themselves.

Blessings come in the form of work boots.

The harder I work, the luckier I get.

Another piece of advice was from a mentor, David Codicow, he always reassured me to have confidence because as a young business person working for yourself, sometimes it is easy to question if you are the expert or the right one for the job. Not sure why self-doubt comes so easy even to a personally confident person and particularly to women, but he really established my confidence in business. Why not you?

What is 'West Coast' style and how can we achieve this in our wardrobes this summer?

West Coast style is effortlessly cool. The hair is undone, the makeup is very understated, it's a lot of denim, dresses and flats. The jewelry is layered and you get the feeling that these pieces don't come off, a California girl wears them for a morning dip in the ocean and sleeps with it on. This look can most casual cool look can certainly be achieved with MV through the different lengths in necklaces as well as layering the bracelets with a bit of fringe and tassel. The idea that these pieces have meaning are reasons why they can never come off... they are sentimental and represent her heart worn on her sleeve so to speak.

To achieve California girl style you need to master the "beachy wave" hairstyle, apply bronzer with a pink gloss and swipe of mascara, denim cut offs or cropped frayed jeans paired back to sandals, an oversized top and a hat/sunglasses combo for the win.

As a young mom of three with your own business, what life hacks can you share when it comes to achieving on point professional presentation, while getting your growing family out the door?

I dry clean everything. My girls' clothes, my clothes, it's one easy way to know that at least our clothes are going to be pressed before we walk out the door. My "uniform" is mostly black and neutrals so this takes some of the guesswork out knowing items easily co-ordinate. I also swear by a baby sling, (not a wrap), while getting ready. Babies just want to be held. All the time. Don't fight it. With a sling, you can easily put the baby in, blow out your hair and apply your makeup without the stress of a baby who is upset. No need for that.

What three pieces of jewellery do you incorporate into your everyday look?

My Diamond Alphabet necklace, my personalised stack of friendship bracelets and a statement ring.

You've laid your roots down in California after years of 'commuting' from New York City. What drew you to Orange County?

I love beach living and the OC is like a small town! It is so great for family life and incredible for our health to live near the ocean. Orange County is safe, clean, conservative and beautiful. The hustle and bustle of the hectic city life is like no other and I love NYC, a city that can't be compared when it comes to business opportunity, however, Orange County is very family friendly and a mellow pace. LA has far too much traffic, no thank you. In Orange County you're an hour from LA, hour from Catalina, hour from San Diego, little over an hour from Palm Springs, you can't beat it!

For travellers heading to the OC for the, what should we include on our itinerary, and in our packing list?

Bring beach gear! You don't want to come and not incorporate the beach. Everything we do is on or close to the water. I'd suggest outdoor shopping at Lido Marina Village - great shops, pretty scenery on the water and a wonderful collection of little shops and restaurants. I love The Beachcomber and my favorite beach city is Laguna Beach. It is the prettiest best beach city in Orange County.

And if we have little travellers in tow?

If you have little ones in tow, it would be cruel not to take them to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth! We spend a lot of time there as annual pass holders, another reason why I love the OC.

If you could engrave anything on a Monica Vinader bracelet, what would it be?

My children's names layered with another bracelet that has my anniversary date!


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