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In London with Cherie Jones

Meet Cherie Jones aka 'Jones', a London based singer-songwriter. Discover her musical inspirations, her new EP and how she styles our collections for SS18.

Tell us why music was the career path you chose and how you got to where you are today?

Music has always been in my blood, I can't remember a time when I wasn't singing or dreaming of performing and writing. I was just one of those kids that always knew what it was I wanted to do. Music is a great healer for me, it's where I feel most free and it is my lifeline.

How would you describe your style of music for those who haven't heard it?

My music is Soul/Pop or Modern Soul, very deeply rooted in old school soul music. I was raised on Stevie Wonder (named after My Cherie Amour), Otis Redding and Al Green. My sound is a mixture of my roots, which are pretty organic and modern sounds.

What are the stories you tell through your music and what inspires your song writing?

My songs are quite autobiographical speaking through the filter of my life. I began my song writing journey through turning diary entries into songs. Now after writing so many therapeutic numbers I enjoy taking inspiration from random encounters with people or from strange words, seeing how I can work these into a song. It's important that whatever I'm writing does relate back to something personal that I've experienced.

Everyday diamond stacking; Cherie Jones, wearing the new Fiji collection.

Cherie styling plain and diamond Fiji pieces for a look made for every day.

Tell us about your new EP Indulge.

My EP that's coming out this March features four new songs. I wrote these (and lots of others) over the course of the last year. While falling in love I was really questioning what love is, and what relationships should be - for a time stepping away from all the things I used to believe in. The song Love You Forever is me delving into that. Each song was brought to life by some sort of debate - either among friends or inside my head.

What does 2018 have in store for Jones?

I'm releasing three EP's in total throughout 2018 and will be touring later in the year.

How did growing up in East London, a hub of fashion inspiration, influence your style?

Growing up in East London really taught me that you do not need to conform to any specific thing; that your style could be anything as long as it felt like you. I was surrounded by beautiful vintage stores and I think I naturally always leaned towards things that felt classic to me.

How does jewellery play a part in your everyday look?

I enjoy wearing a chunky stone ring on my index finger and a simple necklace. I feel like they instantly dress up anything casual and bring out a little more of my personality. I often wear black day-to-day so it's nice to bring in some colour with accessories.

How is your on-stage persona's style different to your style day-to-day?

When I'm on stage I like my usual style to be amplified. Each performance still feels like a celebration so I treat it as if it were. Colours and makeup might be bolder, lines stronger.

Cherie Jones captured on set for SS18, stacking and styling the new Fiji collection.

What are the sort of pieces you reach for to make your look pop on stage?

I love wearing things that sparkle and catch the light on stage, whether that's the clothes I'm wearing or jewellery, they look beautiful in pictures and make everything feel really special. Lots of rings, things that can be stacked up are always a great place to start. A beautiful necklace is always a bonus on stage.

What would you engrave on a Monica Vinader bracelet?

I recently engraved a Monica Vinader bracelet with 'what comes next...' Life is an adventure, it's important to keep moving forward and I'm always excited to see what is waiting on the other side of the door!

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