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Friendships Made To Last

Friendships bring joy, enrich experiences and inspire new ideas. To celebrate International Friendship Day Monica reflects on what friendship means to her alongside some of her most valued companions.


"My best friends are pretty life enhancing - they are supportive, and make life more interesting and a whole lot more fun. I would pretty much do anything for them."

Caroline Issa - Editor-in-chief at TANK Magazine and Entrepreneur

"A true friend is someone who is there through thick and thin and would do anything for you. I am lucky to have many friends and hopefully I am a good friend to others in equal measure."

Whitney Bromberg-Hawkings - Founder of Flowerbx

"Friendship is support, laughter, inspiration and kindness - all of which are characteristics that Monica displays to me in abundance."

Brita Fernandez Schmidt - Executive Director of Women for Women International UK

"Friendship is a powerful bond which transcends our differences - it's a sisterhood of love, solidarity and support. At Women for Women International, we facilitate that bond of friendship between our supporters and the women we serve in countries affected by conflict. When you sponsor a woman through our programme it's not just giving money, it's letting that woman know we are connected. You're acknowledging her, reaching your hand out and saying: I believe in you. That's what friendship means to me."

Brita with her sponsor sister, Tesire, from Rwanda.

Mary Alice Stephenson - Founder and CEO of GLAM4GOOD

"The best kind of friends make you more."

"More alive, more aware, more compassionate, more yourself."

"Friendships that ignite, support and celebrate your journey to becoming your best you."

"Friends that give and receive freely with open hearts and good intentions."

"Friends that make you more."

Jenny Walton - Fashion Illustrator and Stylist

"Friendship to me means having a relationship where you can feel free to be yourself and to discard any fear of judgment. This is why my easiest friendships come from my dogs. They rarely judge me (except when I steal too much of the blanket on the couch)."

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