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Labradorite in Finland, Scandinavia

The formation of feldspar minerals in the igneous rocks of Finland has delivered one of the most eye-poppingly beautiful gemstones known to mankind.

We're not talking about pure Labradorite here - the very name of this stunning stone will probably give away the origins of Labradorite in its natural form - but we're describing the geological wonder that is Spectrolite. Let's take a closer look at the story behind Finland and Spectrolite as we explore the wonderful world of Labradorite gemstones here at Monica Vinader.

The history of Labradorite in Finland, Scandinavia

One of the rarest varieties of Labradorite in the world, Spectrolite, is found exclusively in Finland, which makes this an incredibly intriguing place to be if you are a geologist. Spectrolite displays nature's most enticing performance of the optical phenomenon known as 'labradorescence', which is the term used to describe the unique way in which light reflects off and refracts around the surface of the gemstone if they are cut in the correct manner.

Finland's initial deposit of the rare variety was discovered by the son of Finnish geologist, Aarne Laitakari, in 1940 during building works in the south eastern region of Ylämaa, South Karelia - a mine that you can still visit to this day. Over three decades later, the gemstone had become a major part of the local industry as it was cut from the rough and refined for use in jewellery not only for Finns, but for the wider world of gemstone lovers.

It was Laitakari who gave the stone the moniker by which we know it today. The iridescence of it was such that it appeared to display a full spectrum of colours, so he named it Spectrolite.With such an array of colours behind it, you can see why Spectrolite became so prized by the Finnish people. It is said to invoke the natural beauty of the Northern Lights and, as a result of this heavenly influence, it has been adopted by healers and spiritualists around the world to bring a sense of inner peace and tranquillity to all those around it.

As the Stone of Light to Labradorite's Stone of Magic, it serves to improve intuition in people who own it and wear it, so it has countless benefits as one of the finest gemstones of the world. It is the subject of some confusion given its close resemblance to Labradorite, but it's important to remember the distinction between the two stones if you are to identify a piece of Spectrolite that is genuinely from Finland.

The Nordic country is the only known place in the world where it can be found, so, while the colour displays might often be similar, Spectrolite shouldn't be mistaken for the high-quality Labradorite you can find in mineral-rich places elsewhere in the world.

Where else is Labradorite sourced?

When we look at the more ubiquitous stone of Labradorite, the relationship it shares with countries in North Europe (Norway) and North America (USA, Canada) might have defined its story in the world of jewellery, but it hasn't restricted its far-reaching discoveries in the world of geology. The blue-grey stone with flashes of green has been found all over the planet in places as distant as Madagascar, Russia and Australia, so it is a relatively common feldspar mineral.

Its abundance, however, bears no restriction on its ability to stop people in their tracks when they see it. The array of colours you get from perfectly cut Labradorite stones is comparable only to Finnish Spectrolite and the stunning natural waterfall of light that is the Aurora Borealis. Our Labradorite jewellery will bring the Northern Lights to your collection like no other gemstone

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