"I'm joyful, and make sure that I live each day that life can offer."

Delphine is effortlessly chic, in the true French sense of the word. She won't reveal everything of herself immediately, but when she does you discover a truly vibrant character.

A career girl at heart, Delphine has worked in Paris, New York and London in the finance industry. But despite a busy schedule, she always makes time for the people she loves, and the things she loves: travel, jewellery - and particularly diamonds!

A fun fact - Delphine has an identical twin, with whom she also shares an identical tattoo. Even her best friends sometimes struggle to tell them apart. We can only imagine how many hearts they've stolen between them…

"Monica Vinader jewellery is unique, timeless and sophisticated."

Delphine has styled her contemporary diamonds with the Nura and Signature collections. Discover the look below.